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Who is Agent Ron? Malaysia Pargo’s Boyfriend After Divorcing Jannero is Sports Agent

Who is Agent Ron? Malaysia Pargo’s Boyfriend After Divorcing Jannero is Sports Agent

Malaysia Pargo is no longer available for dating, since she has begun dating her new lover, Ron. Malaysia Ron, Pargo’s boyfriend, is a Sports Agent and a cousin of Byron Scott, Cece’s spouse.

Pargo, who starred on Basketball Wives LA, was married to ex-husband Jannero Pargo and divorced him in 2014. Jannero Pargo Jr., their son, and a fraternal twin are their three children together. Malaysia had a brief relationship with rapper O.T. Genasis before meeting Ron.

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A Romantic First Date for Two

Beautiful Malaysia was still undecided about starting her dating life after dating OT. Genasis. After some time, she decided to take the bait. Malaysia, a mother of three, went on a double date with CeCe Gutierrez and Byron, CeCe’s husband. For the first time, Malaysia met her new boyfriend, Sports Agent Ron, there.

Malaysia Pargo with her new beau, a sports agent named Ron. VH1/YouTube is the source of this image.

As previously said, Ron is also Byron’s cousin, and the newly formed couple hit it off right away. Malaysia, who had been nervous, felt at ease as she sat next to her companion Ron. Malaysia With his slick conversation and good charm, Pargo’s boyfriend was able to capture her heart. In the video, we can see Malaysia blushing and raving over Ron’s nice conversation.

Malaysia wore a beautiful white wrap dress to the date and looked stunning, so it’s no wonder that Ron recognized her right away. Malaysia later commented that she made a great first impression. She, too, saw a connection between herself and Ron and expressed interest in going on another date with Mr. Debonair Ron.

Malaysia’s followers were blown away when they saw her hooking up with her new partner. Malaysia Pargo and Ron are a charming couple, according to her co-star Evelyn Lozada on Twitter.

The Relationship Between Malaysia and Pargo in the Past

Malaysia, the BBW LA star, doesn’t have many names on her ex-list. boyfriend’s She was romantically linked with artist Mally Mall after divorcing her ex-husband Jannero Pargo in 2014. She also had a brief relationship with her ex-boyfriend O.T Genasis.

Malaysia Pargo’s search for a boyfriend isn’t all that difficult.

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