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While dating Adrian Bellani, Emmanuelle Chriqui wanted to adopt a child.

While dating Adrian Bellani, Emmanuelle Chriqui wanted to adopt a child.

While dating her fiance, Adrian Bellani, Moroccan-Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui declared her innermost desire to become a mother to an adopted kid.

Through her numerous films and television programs, the sweet actress has created a name for herself in Hollywood. While she had always attracted notice through her profession, she made headlines in 2016 when she revealed that she had always wanted to adopt a kid and had been planning to do so for a long time.

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Adoption is something she really wants.

There are a lot of orphaned children in the world who need a loving home, and the actress’s wish to provide a home for one of them is unquestionably a noble idea.

Chriqui expressed her thoughts on having children while speaking on Conversations with Maria Menounos, saying:

She also expressed anxiety over a hereditary trait that ran in her family and contributed to her parents’ deaths. She went on to say that her feelings for adoption were strengthened after she visited an orphanage on one of her journeys and observed so many children born into difficult situations.

The actress continued the conversation by stating that her partner, Adrian Bellani, desired to have a child with her. She went on to explain that she might have a child of her own as well as an adopted one.

Furthermore, her urge for adoption is only from a desire to help the children who are in desperate need of a family that will offer them stability and opportunity.

Adrian Bellani and Her Relationship

The Entourage star had been seeing Adrian Bellani, a charming Salvadoran-American actor, for quite some time. Both actors have diverse ethnic backgrounds, with Chriqui being Jewish and Bellani being Salvadorian, making them an interfaith marriage.

Faith, on the other hand, had never been an issue in the couple’s lives since they accepted one other’s convictions and understood their own boundaries, which is the foundation of a good relationship.

In 2016, the pair disclosed that they met through professional collaboration on the set of In This Life, a romantic drama film.

The stunning duo was frequently spotted together at numerous events, and they always stole the show with their great chemistry.

Although the actress and model expressed her desire to become a mother, it is unclear whether she would adopt or have biological children with her spouse in the future.