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Where Is Lisa Bonder’s Ex-Husband Tom Kreiss Now? Have A Son, Taylor Jennings Kreiss

Where Is Lisa Bonder’s Ex-Husband Tom Kreiss Now? Have A Son, Taylor Jennings Kreiss

Lisa Bonder, sometimes known as Lisa Bonder-Kreiss or Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian, is a former professional tennis player who won four WTA singles titles. In 1984, she reached the pinnacle of her career.

Lisa was fortunate in her job, but she was not so fortunate in her relationship or marriage. Lisa, the stunning former player, married Tom Kreiss in 1988 and Kirk Kerkorian in 1999, respectively. In this article, we’ll be discussing about Lisa Bonder’s ex-husband, Tom Kreiss.

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Tom Kreiss, Lisa Bonder’s ex-husband, is a successful businessman.

Tom Bonder, the ex-husband of former professional tennis player Lisa Bonder, is an executive vice-president at Kreiss Enterprise, Inc. He has been working for the family firm since 1977, a little more than four decades.

Tom Kreiss, like the 75-year-old family business, has moved from vintage to current style. Bonder’s ex-partner grew up in an internationally renowned interior design family and has traveled all over the world for inspiration. As a result, for more than four decades, he has been designing exquisite and unusual living places.

Tom Kreiss has also designed for notable figures like as NBA great Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and influential musicians Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Frankie Valli, Paul McCartney, Robert Redford, and others. Kreiss’ furniture has an artistic and timeless appearance to it.

Bonder’s ex-husband, Tom’s website, claims that his latest collection, California, is modern and transitional. He went on to say that the emphasis is more organic and less formal.

Despite the fact that Tom appears to be a well-known figure in his industry, he appears to live a quiet life. The social media profiles are more focused on their merchandise than on his personal life. Which, in my opinion, appears to be quite genuine.

A Business And Family Empire

As previously stated, Lisa Bonder’s ex-husband grew up surrounded by interior design and traveled for inspiration. Furthermore, as previously indicated, Kreiss’s family runs a significant interior design firm that has worked with countless celebrities and wealthy individuals throughout its illustrious history.

Murray Kreiss, Tom Kreiss’s grandfather, founded the furniture empire Kreiss Enterprise in 1939 as an importer of Japanese tchotchkes. Murray died young, leaving his profitable import firm to his sons and Norman Kreiss, Tom Kreiss’s father.

The Kreiss Enterprise was founded by Tom Kreiss’ grandparents as an import concern, and his father later added interior design to the mix. Kreiss’ Official Website is the source of this image.

Norman and his brother, Howard Kreiss, proceeded to grow the company until Howard’s terrible death in an aircraft crash. Tom Kreiss’ father, on the other hand, kept the business and passed it down to his sons.

Yes, Kreiss has two brothers: Michael Kreiss, who created Kreiss Design in 1976, and Bob Kreiss, who collaborates with him on furniture design. With each generation, the furniture empire evolves.

Tennis Player in the Past

Tom Kreiss, Lisa Bonder’s ex-husband, was a professional tennis player before joining the family business. With his brothers Michael and Bob, he competed in the US Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open.

Despite leaving the athletic world, Tom amassed a fortune from the family business and appeared to be quite happy and private.

In the late 1980s, he married Lisa Bonder.

Tom Kreiss and Lisa Bonder both played professional tennis. As a result, assuming their encounter on the court isn’t too far-fetched. In 1988, the couple exchanged vows. Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage did not survive long and they divorced a few years later.

Taylor Jennings Kreiss, the couple’s gorgeous son, was born on February 8, 1989, during their marriage. Despite the fact that Tom, nicknamed Thomas, and Lisa’s marriage did not endure long, they did a good job of raising their child.

Lisa Bonder, Tom Kreiss’s ex-wife, had also changed her last name to Kreiss. In a few years, the name Kreiss was changed to Kerkorian.

Tom Bonder, Lisa Bonder’s ex-husband, is a very private person who avoids media scrutiny, as previously stated. In 1999, he was also anticipated to have a child. As a result, we can only infer that he has moved on from his previous marriage and is now enjoying a happy marital life with a large family.

Taylor Jennings Kreiss, Taylor Jennings Kreiss, Taylor Jennings Kreiss, Taylor Jennings Kreiss, Taylor Jennings Kreiss,

Although Tom Kreiss’s whereabouts are unknown, his son with Lisa Bonder is thriving and not afraid to brag about his achievements. Taylor Jennings Kreiss, the former couple’s sole child, is now a psychology coach, writer, and consultant. Aside from that, Lisa and her ex-husband Steve Bing have a daughter named Kira Bonder.

Taylor, 31, earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of California. Similarly, Lisa Bonder’s son graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

Taylor’s lengthy LinkedIn page demonstrates his dedication to achieving his objectives.

Let’s hope Lisa Bonder’s ex-husband, Tom, or Thomas, is having a good time and enjoying his designer job. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy improvising and experimenting with lines?

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