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Where Is Byron Pitt’s Wife Now? Byron Pitt’s Wife Assisted Him And His Family, But Where Is She Now?

Where Is Byron Pitt’s Wife Now? Byron Pitt’s Wife Assisted Him And His Family, But Where Is She Now?

Byron Pitts, a seasoned writer, and an eloquent speaker wasn’t always the self-assured individual he is now. The Nightline co-anchor and ABC News contributor has been candid about his problems with illiteracy and a severe speech impediment as a child. He’s also been outspoken about the importance of his family’s support during his own problems.

Now, while the newscaster isn’t shy about talking about his family, particularly his daughter, he has kept most of his marriage to Lyne Pitts under wraps. Despite their low-key relationship, Lyne is recognized in the public eye as a supportive wife as well as a successful media personality.

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His wife Lyne, like Byron, has a journalism background.

Lyne, like her husband, had previously worked for CBS News. She worked at the institution for twenty-four years, from 1989 to 2004, as an executive producer, senior broadcast producer, and writer.

After her time at ABC, she went to NBC News and worked as an executive producer and vice president of strategic initiatives for just over three years, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Lyne has been the CEO of BLP Productions since 2009, following her experience at the internationally famous news network. She used her skills as a writer to become the managing editor of The Root for over three years following almost four years as the CEO of BLP Productions.

Her arduous career path did not finish there; in 2012, she founded Maltese Productions Inc., a production company.

Lyne, Byron’s wife, had been supportive of his severe stammering.

Few people realize it, but Byron, the Emmy Award-winning news correspondent, had a severe stutter as a child, and his wife and family have been instrumental in his recovery.

Lyne was also honored at the Stuttering Foundation’s New York Gala in 2013, the world’s top charitable organization dedicated to aiding those who stammer. Jane Fraser, President of the Stuttering Foundation, spoke highly of Lyne during an event commemorating National Stuttering Awareness Week, calling her an inspiration and a wonderful role model for the entire stuttering community.

The Pitts couple was also named role models and people who motivate each other to be better by the President.

His Mother was also looked after by his wife.

Byron also revealed in an interview with the Triad City Beat that his close family members, including his wife Lyne, would spend time caring for his mother, who was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s near the end of her life.

Byron Pitts and his wife have a private relationship.

Despite the fact that the lovely pair has always been there for each other behind the scenes, they are rarely seen chatting about each other in public or mentioning one other on social media.

Lyne, in fact, isn’t really active on social media. Her most recent post was in January 2019, and her husband Byron’s social media account is primarily focused on his business.