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Where Is Bon Scott’s Ex-wife Irene Thornton Now? Were Married For Six Years

Where Is Bon Scott’s Ex-wife Irene Thornton Now? Were Married For Six Years

Bon Scott is a well-known singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist from Australia. He was the lead singer of AC/DC, the internationally renowned and adored Australian hard rock band founded by the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young. Bon Scott was the lead singer and drummer for several 70s rock bands such as Fraternity, The Valentines, and his own band, The Spektors, before joining AC/DC. Scott rose to prominence as the leader of AC/DC in 1974, and remained with the band until his death in February 1980.

Aside from his tremendous voice, Bon Scott was known for his drug, alcohol, and woman addictions. Scott only married once in his life, although having been in romantic relationships with a number of women. He was married to Irene Thornton, an Adelaide beauty, for six years, from 1972 until 1978.

Learn about Bon Scott’s ex-wife, Irene Thornton, and her life after the couple divorced.

From 1972 to 1978, he was married to Bon Scott.

Bon Scott, the late leader of AC/DC, married Irene Thornton, his longtime lover, on January 24, 1972. Scott’s music career as a vocalist was faltering at the time of their wedding. He’d only played with a few bands before, including the Fraternity. It was a small, intimate wedding with only a few of Scott and Thornton’s relatives and friends in attendance.

Bon Scott was introduced to Irene Thornton through a mutual acquaintance. Facebook/Cherry Bar/Facebook/Cherry Bar/Facebook/Cherry

During a party in Adelaide, Bon Scott met his future wife, Irene Thornton. Bon had a woman snuggled under one arm and a drink in his other hand when Irene first noticed him. On the same day, Irene was going for the restrooms when she noticed Bon with a woman on a bed, naked and holding her foot.

Vince Lovegrove, a mutual friend of Bon Scott and Irene Thornton, was the one who introduced them. Scott and Thornton eventually became closer and began dating, eventually marrying in 1972. Irene worked for the Civil Aviation Authority, which was based in the Da Costa Building on Grenfell Street, when they were dating.

Irene Thornton and Bon Scott’s Divorce

Only a year after their wedding, Bon Scott and Irene’s marriage began to fall apart. One of the key reasons their bonding began to deteriorate was the financial hardship they were experiencing. Scott’s drug addiction and extramarital affairs also played a significant role in their breakup.

According to Irene Thornton, Bon Scott’s ex-wife, Bon once grabbed all of the rent money without Irene’s permission. As a result, Irene became enraged and went to Largs Pier, where he was scheduled to perform with his band. She went there and confronted Scott, accusing him of stealing the rent money, which he denied at the moment. After a brief argument, Irene exited the pub. With the help of her sister, Fay Thornton, she went home and packed all of Scott’s belongings.

Scott returned the next day, dropped a bundle of cash at Irene, and announced that their relationship was ended. After their break-up in 1977, they divorced a few years later. Thornton, on the other hand, remained a close friend of Scott until his death.

Following his divorce from Bon Scott, he remarried.

Irene Thornton chose to go on with her life after officially divorcing Bon Scott. Soon after her divorce from Scott, she began dating a man named Nick. Thornton and her partner have a kid, who was born a few weeks after Bon Scott’s death. She currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her son.

Irene Thornton, Bon Scott’s ex-wife, claims that Scott paid her a visit six weeks before his untimely death on New Year’s Day. Bon had left a booze box at her home door when she was out with her partner. She introduced Scott to Nick the next day. Scott returned the next night to see her, but Nick begged him to return because Irene was sleeping at the time. It was the last time Irene heard and saw her ex-husband, she claims.

Irene was unable to attend her ex-funeral husband’s because she was expecting her and Nick’s first child at the time. Nick was persuaded to send a wreath. Irene, on the other hand, continues to state in interviews that she and Scott had a great connection. Irene claims that her favorite memories of Scott are from when they were initially together.

Thorton still pays a visit to Scott’s hometown to pay tribute to him.

It’s been more than four decades since Bon Scott died, and even longer since Irene and him split up. Scott, on the other hand, appears to be dear to her heart, and she appears to still adore him. His melodies are probably making it difficult for her to forget him. As a result, she frequently travels to Scott’s hometown of Kirriemuir for the annual BonFest music festival to pay her respects.

Irene wanted to memorialize her previous husband, Bon Scott, by paying a visit to his statue in his birthplace, according to Sun magazine in 2018. Irene also wanted to go to Kirriemuir to see where Bon Scott grew up. After all, Scott was the only person who loved her completely and absolutely. He wrote her meaningful letters, which Irene has written about in her memoirs, despite the fact that he dated several women.

For the time being, Irene, Bon Scott’s former partner, lives quietly in Melbourne with her kid, away from the prying eyes of the media.

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