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Where Could Lee Starkey’s Triplets Be Now?

Where Could Lee Starkey’s Triplets Be Now?

Lee Starkey is the only child of Ringo Starr’s first wife, Maureen Starkey Tigrett, and their famed drummer father. She is currently well-known in England as a makeup artist, stylist, and aspiring fashion designer. In the late 1980s, Starkey shot to popularity after appearing in a commercial alongside her famous father. She avoided the paparazzi for the majority of her life, opting instead to pursue a career in fashion design.

Lee Starkey, Ringo Starr’s lovely daughter, has been dating former Kasabian/Beady Eye guitarist and current Gallagher bandmate Jay Mehler since early 2006. Jakamo Mehler and Smokey Mehler, two sons, and Ruby Mehler, a daughter, are the couple’s triplets. Learn more about Lee Starkey’s children and what they are up to now in this section.

Jay Mehler’s Triplets are Lee Starkey’s offspring.

In 2006, Lee Starkey, an occasional performer, began dating the Philadelphia-born musician. The amorous couple became parents to three children at the same time after being in an intimate relationship for several years. In late 2009, they had triplets Jakamo Mehler, Ruby Mehler, and Smokey Mehler.

Lee Starkey’s three children are close to their mother’s family members, including grandfather Ringo Starr and uncles Zak and Jason Starkey. Lee Starkey’s triplets, like Tatia Jayne Starkey, Sonny Starkey, Louie Starkey, Rock Starkey, and Budy Starkey, are close cousins. Despite the fact that they never appear together in public, they most likely have a strong bond behind the camera.

Lee Starkey’s three children are all talented musicians.

Jakamo, Ruby, and Smokey Starkey, Lee Starkey’s children, are all talented musicians who appear to be following in their parents’ and grandfather’s footsteps in the music industry when they grow up. The fact that their iconic grandfather, Ringo Starr, is their mentor and frequently offers them music lessons is the cherry on top.

The triplets of Lee Starkey are accomplished musicians. Twitter/Lee Starkey is the source of this image.

Lee Starkey, Ruby, Smokey, and Jakamo, the present twelve-year-old triplets, had aspired to be musicians since their grandfather began giving them music lessons. Lee told the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom that her children are all musically inclined like their granddad. Lee Starkey’s three children began learning music several years ago.

Jakamo, Lee Starkey’s son, is learning to play the drums, and Smokey, another son, plays both drums and guitar. Ruby, her daughter, is a pianist as well. It appears like the next Beatles, or at the very least a new band, is on the way. When these tiny rockers grow up, we can already see the Starkeys and Mehlers establishing a new band.

Lee Starkey and her family prefer to keep their children out of the spotlight.

It should come as no surprise that the Starkey family members prefer to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight. They almost seldom appear in front of the paparazzi together. In addition, none of the Starkey family members, including Lee Starkey, appear to have social media accounts. If they have social media accounts, their posts are kept to a minimum and do not reveal anything about their personal life.

As a result, Lee Starkey’s children live a regular life away from the prying eyes of the media. They were last seen out in public together in 2016, when they were out with their parents. Jakamo, Ruby, and Smokey Mehler, the soon-to-be teenagers, are currently living in England with their parents.

Jakamo, Ruby, and Smokey Mehler are three names with similar meanings.

Jakamo is a French name that means “in the back.” Ruby, a girl’s name, is of Latin origin and meaning “deep red valuable stone.” Smokey is an English boy’s name that means “soul of fire.”

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