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When Will Luke Wilson Start a Family Given His Numerous Girlfriends and Absence of a Wife?

When Will Luke Wilson Start a Family Given His Numerous Girlfriends and Absence of a Wife?

The actor Luke Wilson has been romantically linked to a number of well-known people over the years, but fans commonly inquire, “Is Luke Wilson married?

Wilson doesn’t have a wife, is the response. And although he hasn’t yet started a family of his own, he’s been talking about wanting to for a while.

Wilson told Hollywood Life in 2019 that he wanted children of his own and claimed that his niece and nephews had inspired him to do so.

Robert Ford, born in January 2011 with ex-girlfriend Jade Duell, and Finn, born in May 2014 with Swedish personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist, are the two sons and daughter of his brother Owen Wilson.

Varuna Vongsvirates gave birth to his daughter Lyla in October 2018. One son, Joseph Obiamiwe Wils, was born in 2003 to Andrew Wilson, the oldest of the three Wilson brothers.

In a 2020 interview with Conan, Wilson shared a similar perspective on parenting, once again mentioning his nieces and nephews and how much he adored them.

The actor is reportedly single and hasn’t recently had any personal relationships. Here are some of his previous relationships.

Luke Wilson’s Previous Relationships

After co-starring in the 1997 film Home Fries, Wilson and Drew Barrymore started dating. After two years of dating, they decided to go their own ways. But there was no animosity between them; in fact, she assisted in Wilson’s casting in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels, which she also produced and starred in.

Wilson lauded Barrymore’s professionalism with regard to his casting in an interview with People.

Wilson and Gwyneth Paltrow collaborated on the 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums after their divorce from Barrymore. The two were said to have taken summer vacations together and rented a beach house in Pacific Palisades, California, according to rumors that quickly spread.

Despite Paltrow’s early claims to the contrary, it was ultimately established that she was in fact his girlfriend. However, they were only together for a year.

Wilson had a long-term relationship with Meg Simpson, a Yale alum and former basketball player. They began dating in 2008 and broke up in November 2014 after six years of being together.

Even after their breakup, Wilson and Simpson maintained a cordial connection; the two were last seen together in July 2015. He was observed comforting his ex-girlfriend after their tearful reunion on a Santa Monica beach.