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When Tauren Wells was a child, his father had a complete investment in him.

When Tauren Wells was a child, his father had a complete investment in him.

American pop-rock and R&B musician Tauren Wells performs. As the former frontman of the Christian band Royal Tailor, he is well recognized.

During their active years, the band put out two studio albums: Black & White and Royal Tailor. Sadly, the Grammy-nominated group split up in 2015.

In May 2016, the singer launched his solo career and issued his first single, “Undefeated.”

He received two Grammy nominations in 2018 for Best Contemporary Christian Album and Best Contemporary Christian Song for his debut studio album, Hills and Valleys. He has a recording contract with Reunion Records.

The artist has made an effort to express his love for God via his beautiful music. In Houston, Texas, Tauren and his wife Lorna established the Prisma Worship Arts Academy in 2014.

The vocalist leads worship at Houston’s Lakewood Church. Tauren’s parents, particularly his father, shaped who he is now. Here is a glimpse inside Tauren’s family.

At an Early Age, Tauren Wells Was Inspired by His Parents

Tauren, who was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, became enamored with music at a young age. He was greatly affected by his parents’ passion for music as a child.

His mother Joan Bowers and father Phil Wells met while performing in a musical theater. Phil Wells was a church musician.

His dad’s musical jam sessions with his pals captivated him. When Tauren was just nine years old, he began singing in a church choir, following in his father’s footsteps.

For him, singing came naturally, and he relished it. He developed a love for the ministry and decided he wanted to attend Bible College.

Tauren began his quest to lead worship at his church when he was 16 years old.

The singer began devoting his time to playing the piano after his pastor encouraged him to take up an instrument. The singer is also a skilled drummer and guitarist.

When Tauren was in school, he made some recordings of tunes. Since that time, he has developed his music career and is now one of the popular Christian pop-rock musicians.

Connection Between Tauren Wells and His Father

In every part of Tauren’s life, Phil has been a huge support. He views his father as a rock star who gave his son his undivided attention.

The artist talked openly about his father’s influence on his life in an interview with SPIRIT 105.3.

The vocalist of “Keep Us Together” is appreciative of Phil’s involvement in his life. Tauren considers himself fortunate that his father was there for him when observing abandoned families.

He looks up to his father and takes a lot of inspiration from him.

He is aware of the impact father figures have on their children and wants to provide his children the same upbringing.

He also hopes to organize his ministry and professional life so that he would always have time for his family.

Tauren holds Phil in high regard as well. On his father’s birthday in 2016, he wrote a touching post in honor of him. The musician described how he assisted the man in becoming the finest version of himself.

Phil instilled in him fundamental principles that have endured over time. Above all, he is appreciative that his father instilled in him the conviction that he plays a role in God’s plan.

Tauren’s mother has supported him throughout his career in addition to his father.

At every award ceremony, Joan has consistently been present to support her son. When it was revealed that the artist had been nominated in two categories for the 2018 Grammys, his mother instantly made travel arrangements for a weekend to New York.

The singer’s whole family had come to support him. The singer shows his kin the same type of care and love as Tauren’s parents do for him.

On January 21, 2011, he wed Lorna, who is now his wife. Together, the two have four boys: Kanaan, Lawson, Navy, and Banner.

As a dad himself, the singer has made an effort to spend as much time as possible with his kids. He thinks that when it comes to raising their children, both parents must agree.

Respect is the guiding principle in the Wells home. The artist considers obedience with thankfulness to be a fundamental lesson that parents should teach their kids.