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When Daniella Perkins and her boyfriend initially met, his father introduced them to each other.

When Daniella Perkins and her boyfriend initially met, his father introduced them to each other.

Nickelodeon has served as a resource for kids looking for enjoyment for the past 20 years.

With the help of TV shows, movies, and record agreements, the network’s stars have become household names. Kenan Thompson, Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, and Ariana Grande are a few well-known names.

Daniella Perkins, who is 18 years old, is following in the footsteps of her former classmate’s thanks to the enormous fan base she has amassed from her popular (now TikTok) videos.

She finally received her big break in 2018 when Nickelodeon offered her one of the two major parts in Knight Squad, its newest fantasy live-action series.

Perkins was cast as the brash princess and aspiring knight Ciara.

Perkins launched a YouTube channel in order to capitalize on her newfound celebrity as Ciara. She posts vlogs to her channel, which has over 800,000 subscribers and is very successful. On the platform, she also shares intimate details with her viewers.

Q&A about Daniella’s Relationship

In a “get ready with me” video that she posted on March 14, Perkins walked her viewers through her date-night beauty and makeup regimen.

She discussed her relationship in the second half of her video.

After she finished getting ready, her boyfriend Justin Robbins joined her and explained how they met in the video.

He admitted that they had met on an occasion when he had promised to see her at the after-party.

Following an hour-long talk at the after-party, Robbins and Perkins exchanged phone numbers and set up a date.

Then Perkins explained her version of events, repeating that Robbins’ father had initiated contact between them. She disclosed that she had been friends with his relatives and his aunt since she was 15 years old.

Funny how parents can occasionally have a major influence on their kids’ romantic lives.

She expressed her relief that her father had canceled her show at one time.

The parent she’s referring to is Brian Robbins, head of Nickelodeon.

Perkins concluded the discussion by assuring her audience that she would go into more depth about their romance in upcoming videos.

Ex-lovers of Daniella

Over the years, Perkins has had a number of boyfriends.

Zach Clayton, a musician who is also in a relationship with the actress, was once her partner.

star, ly.

Perkins addressed the split on September 10, 2017, claiming that she and Zach remained friends because they had so much going on.

At first, Clayton also appeared to be okay with the breakup. Clayton, however, gave off the impression that he was still hurt about how their relationship ended when he began criticizing Jace Norman in passing and implied that he had some responsibility for it.

Following the controversy, Perkins gave her response on Instagram Live and explained what happened.

She refuted the claims, claiming that their breakup was the result of their simple growing apart and not because she had cheated.