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When Alex Morgan Looked Amazing on the Red Carpet and at Awards Shows

When Alex Morgan Looked Amazing on the Red Carpet and at Awards Shows

When Alex Morgan is in the field, she is a force to be reckoned with, but when she lets her long ponytail down and doesn’t wear her uniform, she might easily be mistaken for a model.

On several occasions, she has proven this remark to be correct. The following is a list of times when this soccer player slew red carpet appearances.

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The 2015 ESPYS Red Carpet

Morgan’s entry for the 2015 Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award is first on the list.

Morgan’s red carpet ensemble was based on a minimalist blue theme. The top of the dress had an asymmetric wavy pattern, and the slit-cut navy blue skirt showed off her powerful legs.

The 2015 New York Fashion Week

The famed New York Fashion Week is rarely mentioned without mentioning fashion, thus the second entry on this list comes from NYFW 2015.

In a white-on-black patterned minidress, the soccer player opted for an exquisite yet relaxed appearance. On each wrist, she wore a couple of bangles to complete her ensemble. Her reddish tresses were also not tamed.

2015 Glamour Woman of the Year

Morgan chose an off-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hem for the Glamour WOTY red carpet. Her regal-looking gown had a gorgeous red flower print with a tinge of purple here and there.

She opted for sparkly bangles and a pair of rings for the sparkle. The cheerful smile she sported for her red carpet photo shoot, though, brought the look home.

The 2016 Met Gala

Morgan changed things up a bit for this year’s Met Gala outfit, opting for a beautiful white gown that accentuated her slim figure. Her dress’s left arm was missing, but the complete sleeve on the right was embellished with a lovely geometric pattern that made up for it.

She realized that all she needed was a simple pair of earrings and a smattering of bling on her fingers to complete her ensemble.

Premiere of ‘Alex & Me’

Without mentioning the red carpet at the premiere of Alex & Me, this list would be absolutely incomplete.

Alex & Me is a fantasy film in which a poster of Morgan comes to life to coach Reagan Wills, an aspiring soccer player. Morgan portrays herself in the film, while Siena Agudong portrays a teen soccer player.

Morgan happily stood alongside her co-star in photographs she published on Instagram from the premiere red carpet. The soccer player wore an immaculate white off-shoulder little dress, while young Agudong wore a white garment with floral designs of her own.

Morgan wore a pair of white closed-toe heels, while Agudong opted for a pair of comfortable-looking pink shoes with ribbon-like laces.

While a list of five is insufficient to capture the star’s wide range of red carpet looks over the years, it will have to suffice for this chapter. Stay tuned for more!