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What Was the Reason for Taniya Wright’s Departure from KPRC in 2020?

What Was the Reason for Taniya Wright’s Departure from KPRC in 2020?

Taniya Wright became the morning show anchor and lunchtime newscaster for KPRC 2 in August 2019.

Throughout her time on the show, the professional news presenter never shied away from expressing her love for her job by broadcasting videos from her workplace to social media.

Wright seemed to be having a wonderful time, at least professionally, based on her joyful yet goofy social media posts. However, she abruptly quit KPRC 2 in May 2020, shocking her fans.

What Was Wright’s Reason for Leaving KPRC 2?

Wright’s departure from KPRC 2 came as a shock.

In the comments area of a Facebook post from April 2020, she revealed the reason for her departure.

When questioned why she had left the NBC-affiliated television station, she stated that she had been let go by the management.

However, there was no mention of a clear reason for her dismissal.

Her statement has since been removed, but her followers’ dissatisfaction was evident in the comments area. “I thought you were a terrific addition to KPRC,” one Facebook user remarked.

Another said, “I think management needs a makeover.”

Tanya Wright’s Personal Life: Is She Married, Single, Or Dating?

She’s on the lookout for the next chance.

Wright joined KPRC 2 in August 2019 and worked there for ten months before being let go in May 2020.

She has yet to join another station since her leave.

Wright is seeking the “next opportunity,” according to her LinkedIn profile.

Wright is a veteran journalist who has worked as a news anchor for a number of major networks.

She began her career as a broadcast journalist after receiving her bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Florida in 2006.

She has served as an assistant producer/producer for WFLA-TV, an anchor and reporter for WDVM TV and KJRH, and a morning and noon news anchor for WNCN in her almost 13-year career.

What’s New with Taniya Wright?

Wright spends her free time on her eponymous YouTube channel, where she posts videos ranging from travel stories to wellness advice.

Her fibroid removal surgical recuperation, trip vlogs from Colorado and Tampa, amusing films about her cat, and even beauty product reviews are among her most popular videos.

Her upbeat and upbeat demeanor shines through in each of her videos, demonstrating that the news anchor hasn’t let her current situation dampen her sunny outlook.