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What the Wife of NFL Head Coach John Harbaugh Has to Say

What the Wife of NFL Head Coach John Harbaugh Has to Say

Around 36 years ago, NFL coach John Harbaugh met his current wife, Ingrid Harbaugh, while working for his father at Western Michigan University.

In the NFL world, Harbaugh and his wife Ingrid are well-known. They also have a daughter named Alison Harbaugh.

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How Did John Harbaugh and Ingrid Harbaugh Meet?

The Baltimore Ravens head coach met his wife, Ingrid, by chance.

Harbaugh worked as a graduate assistant at Western Michigan University under his father, Jack Harbaugh, in 1985.

At the same university, Ingrid worked as a student assistant in the baseball team’s office.

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During that time, Harbaugh was requested to walk across campus to Ingrid’s office to assist in the repair of a malfunctioning copier machine. Harbaugh, who did the same, was head over heels in love with Ingrid at the time.

Harbaugh recalls meeting his future wife-to-be during his talk with Player Wags, saying,

Harbaugh took their friendship to the next level during one of their recruiting trips. He went to a jewelry store and purchased a ring, which he concealed inside a plush elephant doll.

Harbough later gave Ingrid the doll, and when she noticed the ring, the budding sports star dropped down on his knees and proposed to her.

Eventually, in 1991, the pair exchanged vows.

Twitter is the source of this information.

Coach Harbaugh’s Wife Ingrid’s Perspective

Ingrid conducted an exclusive interview with iVillage in 2012 about what it’s like to be the wife of a prominent sports figure.

Ingrid emphasized the word “stressful” in her response, saying,

It’s understandable that the two had a close bond, and Ingrid, in particular, recognized her husband’s enthusiasm for the sport.

She also disclosed the pre-match ritual, which Harbaugh and Ingrid both followed in their own unique way.

During Ravens home games, Ingrid recalled, the husband and wife would “always signal each other before a game” by blowing kisses and giving “thumbs up” to each other.

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Harbaugh “usually phones me [from] the locker room before he goes out on the field on away game days,” Ingrid added.

Ingrid, on the other hand, discussed how her husband’s team’s performance usually resulted in a loss whenever they “forgot” to execute their pre-match ritual.

Ingrid had a message for ladies who are in a relationship with someone who is heavily invested in sports during the same talk.

The interviewer inquired about Harbaugh’s wife’s availability for “family dinners together,” and whether this is “just a rarity” for the busy football coach.

During an ongoing season, Ingrid revealed to the interviewer that “Friday night” is the only time Harbaugh is home for dinner with his family during the entire week.