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What Should Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky Do for Their 13th Wedding Anniversary?

What Should Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky Do for Their 13th Wedding Anniversary?

Tom Segura, a renowned comedian, and his wife, Christina Pazsitzky, celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on November 14, 2021. On the 629th episode of their Your Mom’s House podcast, the two talked about how they should commemorate the occasion.

But before they got to the subject, Segura and his girlfriend talked about how long they’d been together and how they felt like they’d been married for decades.

Segura commented, “I feel like there are fossils of when we met,” to which Pazsitzky answered, “I feel like I’m always on an elliptical machine like you, you know how one minute of that time is so awful.”

The comedian then altered the subject by questioning why they were even keeping track of time. Counting anniversaries, he said, was like counting breaths. Redundant.

Supporting her partner, Pazsitzky shifted the conversation’s focus and inquired about their wedding anniversary plans. They had been so busy, she said, that they couldn’t even take a night off. She offered them trade gifts, keeping the situation in mind.

Segura was asked to buy the mother-of-two a nice undergarment, but she disclosed that she had previously purchased something for him online. Lace should be a recurrent theme in their gifts, according to the 45-year-old.

Segura added to the hilarity by suggesting they spend the night away by leaving food and drink for their children.

Then he hastily added that the kids would be afraid without their parents.

“I think it’s the kind [of experience] that messes you up for life,” his wife said of the idea. “Yeah, it’s not a funny trick,” Segura said.

What Happened When Tom Segura Met His Wife?
In the 1990s, Segura and his wife met as comedians. Pazsitzky was in a long-term relationship with her then-boyfriend, so they stayed acquaintances at first. Pazsitzky and her boyfriend used to invite Segura to their parties and celebrations.

Segura made a move months after Pazsitzky had broken up with her partner. The two clicked right away. They were together for four years before getting married on November 14, 2008.

The couple welcomed two sons, Ellis and Julian, into their family after the wedding. However, they have kept their sons’ identities hidden, posting no images of them on social media.

Despite this, the Ohio native frequently mentions his children in his performances and podcasts. He mentioned his boys’ great personality when conducting his 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast in October 2021.

Segura described his older kid as a troublemaker, recounting an incident in which he nearly forced fellow comedian Bert Kreischer to swallow toilet water. He went on to say that his younger kid, too, had learned to deceive others at a young age.