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What Really Went on between Rob Evans and Rumored Girlfriend Tyra Banks?

What Really Went on between Rob Evans and Rumored Girlfriend Tyra Banks?

Belfast native Rob Evans, who stands six feet three and with a rough background and training as a boxer, was found and swiftly swept into the modeling industry.

He wowed the fashion industry by walking in Givenchy and Trussardi shows.

He was also featured in some of the world’s most prestigious publications, including i-D, Numero Tokyo, Johnson, and Self Service, to mention a few.

He may also be familiar to viewers of the reality show America’s Next Top Model.

In 2012 and 2013, he served as a judge on the show and was accused of making discriminatory remarks to LGBT competitors.

However, he made news when he and Tyra Banks, the show’s resident judge and host, were rumored to be dating. The show most likely brought the two closer together because there was a supposed fling between them at one point.

Tyra Banks and Rob Evans are rumored to be dating.

In 2012, Evans was said to be dating a former supermodel. There is a 14-year age difference between the two. The smitten couple was spotted having cocktails in Palihouse in Los Angeles, according to Huffington Post. The bill was picked up by Evans, and the two of them were rushed to a motel.

As they headed towards the elevator, Evans put his arms around Banks, according to a source. A few days later, there was yet another sighting of the two together. At Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, the two were enjoying a very intimate champagne breakfast.

As a result, speculation that Banks was his girlfriend grew.

The electricity between them was palpable, according to the insider, as the two clutched hands under the table and gazed passionately at each other. Banks even left a whopping $100 gratuity for the server.

The brunch, however, was not the end of the story, as the twosome reportedly stayed for a romantic two-day trip.

Banks stepped in and cleared the air before the rumors could spread.

Tyra Banks and Rob Evans’s Relationship

Banks went on The Wendy Williams Show in November, a few months after the reports first surfaced, to discuss the season finale of America’s Next Top Model.

Wendy Williams, the show’s host, did not hesitate to ask her about Evans.

Their relationship, according to Banks, was solely professional.

She revealed that when they first started working on America’s Next Top Model, she took Evans out to supper.

They then headed to his hotel’s lobby for cocktails, but she pointed out that the paparazzi and media outlets had missed something significant.

She revealed that they weren’t alone at the table and that her “best friend with red hair” was also present. Her relationship with Evans was then considered more familial than romantic.

They had a sister-brother relationship. Which is a long cry from the online rumors about potential wives.

She then joked that her “little brother” was having feelings for his sister.

Over the years, the model has dated a number of men.

She is currently dating Louis Bélanger-Martin, whom she has been dating for three years.