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What Plastic Surgery Has SZA Had? Fans believe it to be true, and the allegedly altered photos are seen here.

What Plastic Surgery Has SZA Had? Fans believe it to be true, and the allegedly altered photos are seen here.

SZA, a singer, has been dogged by accusations of plastic surgery for a while. It all began when admirers remarked on how different she appeared in 2015 and afterwards compared to the early years of her career, in 2012/2013.

After comparing her before and after photos, many people believed SZA had undergone surgery.

Many remarked that the artist’s nose appeared straighter and her chin appeared longer. Others compared her new appearance to Whitney Houston’s, claiming that she desired to resemble the “I Will Always Love You” singer.

While some claimed that her appearance may have changed due to weight loss and makeup, the majority believed she had undergone plastic surgery since the difference was too pronounced to be the consequence of makeup.

The truth behind SZA’s plastic surgery rumors?

SZA has not yet responded to the allegations of plastic surgery made about her. Although she underwent cosmetic surgery to change the way she looked, a substantial percentage of her fan base has also shown their support for her.

Nevertheless, there are tweets and postings circulating that claim SZA underwent plastic surgery and that her alterations over the years weren’t organic.

SZA On Losing Weight And Being Body Positive

SZA has been quite open about her weight loss journey, despite the fact that she has never revealed whether or not she underwent plastic surgery.

In 2018, the singer spoke with Shonda Rhimes, LGBT activist Jazz Jennings, and body positivity supporter Alexandra Airene on how her views on the topic have evolved over time.

SZA continued by saying that her viewpoint on the situation has altered. She started dressing up and altering her characteristic style with the release of her platinum-certified record in 2017.

She claims that her longtime admirers questioned and criticized the change, but it didn’t deter her from making it. “I have the want to alter. I want to stand apart. I want to advance. I wish to learn… Actually, the standard ought to originate from within.”

SZA added that the changes others were observing were only a reflection of the internal changes she was still going through.

SZA also backed Kendrick Lamar in 2017 after he came under fire following the release of his song “Humble,” in which he raps about stretch marks.

While many accused him of being misogynistic, SZA claimed that the song gave her comfort since it promoted a good body image.