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What Number of Siblings Has Keyshia Cole? View of Her Family Life

What Number of Siblings Has Keyshia Cole? View of Her Family Life

With her number-one single “Love” in 2006, Keyshia Cole made her debut on the American music scene. Since then, her voice and polite demeanor have enthralled us all.

Though she is well-known, not much is known about her family life. Here is all there is to know about her siblings and how she interacts with them in public.

Keyshia is well-known to have four siblings—two brothers and two sisters—and is the daughter of the recently dead Frankie Lons and the late boxing coach Virgil Lons.

She was reunited with her biological parents only after she made a name for herself in the American music industry. At a young age, her parents put her up for adoption, but their daughter ultimately ended up being raised by relatives Leon and Yvonne Cole.

It is believed that her foster parents are responsible for giving her last name.

Who Are the Sisters of Keyshia Cole?

Keyshia is the sister of Elite Noel, a musician like her, and Neffeteria Pugh, better known as Neffe, the star of The Frankie and Neffe Show.

Neffe, a mother of five who is now divorced, is also an executive producer, actor, and the author of two books about her experiences raising a family. At the time of writing, her verified Instagram account had 484,000 followers.

Noel does not yet know who her biological father is, unlike her blood sister Keyshia.

However, she is a well-known rapper, singer, and songwriter who now has close to 95,000 followers on Instagram.

Her other songs are available for online listening on iTunes, and her single “BAE” was released in 2017.

She is listed as the Co-CEO of the cosmetics company Klub Kosmetics on her Instagram bio.

Her Mother’s Demise

Frankie Lons, Keyshia’s biological mother, tragically died from a heroin overdose on the day of her 61st birthday, according to TMZ. Sammytheghostt, a rapper, and her son shared the information on his social media.

During her mother’s treatment, Keyshia was known to be taking good care of her and even admitted to having been sober for 60 days at one time.

The Unpopular Brothers

Keyshia’s brother, Sean Cole, also goes by the stage moniker Nutt-So. He works in the rap industry and has previously been a part of the rap groups Street Thugs and Mo-Savage.

Sean and Keyshia both started their musical careers when they were quite young.

When the ‘You Can’t Touch This’ hitmaker and R&B/Rap superstar MC Hammer gave the sister-brother combination a breakthrough at age 12, Keyshia was joined by her brother Sean.

Later, Keyshia met rap and hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur, and she continues to give the rap superstar homage in her Instagram postings to this day.

As was previously reported, Keyshia’s brother Sam was the one to initially inform them of their mother’s passing.

Only his first name Sam and the stage name Sammytheghostt, which he uses on Instagram, are used to identify him.

He is the less well-known of the four siblings, and nothing is known about his involvement in or job in the music industry at this time.