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What Is Zoe McLellan Doing Now? A Report on the Case of the Former “NCIS” Star

What Is Zoe McLellan Doing Now? A Report on the Case of the Former “NCIS” Star

Since debuting through Imaginary Crimes in 1994, Zoe McLellan took her acting career full-throttle ahead. She appeared in many films and TV shows, such as JAG, Perception, and Diagnosis Murder.

She was cast as Agent Meredith Brody, the series’ main character, in NCIS: New Orleans in 2014. Although her fans anticipated seeing more of her in the program, McLellan unexpectedly left the show in 2016 after two seasons.

The native of California played supporting roles in a few projects after leaving. But she stopped doing shows after 2019’s Is My Daughter Really Dead? causing followers to inquire as to what Zoe McLellan is now doing.

Sadly, she has been embroiled in controversy since early 2020.

Growing Controversy

Sebastian was born into McLellan and Jean-Pierre Gillian’s union in 2012, and they divorced in 2016 after more than three years of marriage.

After the divorce, Gillian and McLellan engaged in a contentious custody dispute over their son, with Gillian alleging McLellan of kidnapping the youngster in 2017. The single mother refuted the accusations, saying she relocated to Toronto from Louisiana to work on the movie Designated Survivor.

The judge agreed with her claims and granted her custody of the child. But the story of their divorce was far from over after the resolution.

In January 2020, the 46-year-old accused her ex-husband of first-degree rape and mistreatment of their then-three-year-old kid. Given the child’s admission, Gillian was sentenced to four months in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

But he got himself released and exonerated following the lack of evidence.

Zoe McLellan’s Statement after Release Gillian’s

Around the time Gillian went to jail, McLellan set her social media accounts to private, leaving a FundRazr link in the bio.

With the link last updated in September 2020, the actress claimed she had to stay off the internet as per the order of law authorities.

She was admittedly being stalked and threatened by her ex-family partner’s members, lawyers, and supporters.

Gillian was actively pursuing custody of their son, McLellan revealed after explaining why she avoided attention. She stated,

Sebastian had been secure in her care ever since she was granted custody on February 13, 2019, according to the former NCIS star. And she alleged Gillian wanted the kid’s custody to silence him.

She also said that she would fight whatever battle needed to keep her son safe.

McLellan concluded her lengthy essay by expressing her gratitude to everyone who had contributed money and announcing that she had converted the campaign into a nonprofit organization.

In her own words, the extra funds would be donated for public education and legal assistance for people like her and her son.

Gillian Wanted for Kidnapping

McLellan and her son have disappeared since she made her public statement, and their residence has not been revealed. And things have only gotten worse.

The court issued an arrest warrant for McLellan out of Los Angeles County in May 2021, according to a report from TMZ in July 2021, designating her as a wanted person. She was accused of kidnapping, kidnapping a child, and denying the child possession.

Strangely, Gillian’s remarks on the subject were more shocking than the report. He chatted to RadarOnline on July 24, 2021, indicating he wants to restore the truth over the “total fabrication.”

The Bottle Shock actor then asserted that McLellan was unstoppable. Gillian asserted that McLellan’s mental condition wasn’t normal, citing the fact that her mother had bipolar disorder and that she had also been diagnosed with the illness.

He described how the actress made her son spend an unnecessary two weeks at a mental hospital in 2018. He was thought to be suicidal despite reportedly showing no such signs.

In an interview with RadarOnline, McLellan said that his ex-boyfriend was a member of his legal team. The ex-boyfriend understood that their child did not exhibit any telltale indicators of maltreatment or distinguishable behavioral patterns.

As the true facts regarding McLellan and Gillian remains a mystery under a shroud of accusations, it’s unknown where the matter will finish up.