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What Is With Tom Ellis’ Twin Sister? Does He Have Any Other Siblings?

What Is With Tom Ellis’ Twin Sister? Does He Have Any Other Siblings?

After murdering the major role of the devil himself in Netflix’s Lucifer, Tom Ellis became a popular television figure. In the ladies’ section, the dashing poster boy of the twenty-first century is hardly a new face.

Aside from performing, the father of three has a few surprising secrets to share with his admirers. The Welsh actor is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and a devout Christian. His religious foundation came from his childhood and family, which was predominantly female.

The 6′ 3″ actor is the only son of the Ellis family’s four children. The 42-year-old actor has a twin sister, which is a bit shocking. There is relatively little information about Tom Ellis’ twin sister. Let us delve into the actor’s personal life, including his identical sister and other details.

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Lucy Hawkins is Tom Ellis’ twin sister.

When Lucifer’s twin sister is named Lucy, it’s even more suitable. Tom Ellis has a twin sister, Lucy Ellis Hawkins, and two more siblings. They’re identical twins. Lucy, unlike her twin brother, is very private and avoids her sibling’s celebrity and money.

Because both twins are busy with their lives, it has been tough to meet and reminisce about their youth. The actor is now filming, and there are limited details about his twin sister available. Her Instagram, which has eight posts and 48 followers, is likewise secret. We do know, however, that Lucy Ellis Hawkins is married.

The Two Other Siblings

Aside from each other, the twins have two younger sisters: Annwen Ellis Stone and Naomi Ellis Moody. One of Lucy and Annwen’s sisters became a Baptist minister, following in their father’s footsteps. However, there is no information accessible as to who it is.

Naomi Ellis, on the other hand, is the youngest of the siblings and works at a Sheffield neurological hospital. Naomi, like the majority of NHS members, works tirelessly to improve the lives of others.

Annwen Ellis Stone, who is married to Andy Stone and has three children, is the mother of three. While Naomi is at the hospital, her sister is seen spending quality time with her family whenever she has the opportunity.

The Cardiff native is always quick to express his affection for his sisters, despite his busy schedule with shooting and family.

If You’re Married To A Musician

When it comes to love and marriage, Tom Ellis’ twin sister Lucy is completely different from him. The Lord of Hell has only married once, and his twin has only married twice. Lucy Ellis is married to Christopher Hawkins and has a happy and healthy marriage. The pianist performs in musical theaters and recording studios.

We don’t have any information about the composer’s marriage to Tom Ellis’ twin sister Lucy. However, because they both enjoy music, the two must have a special affinity. Furthermore, the music-loving actor appears to have a strong bond with his brother-in-law, as he frequently supports his program on social media.

There are scant details about their marriage known. Lucy and her partner, Chris, are both very committed about keeping their relationship private, and their children are the same way. Lucy’s Instagram DP depicts two little girls, yet we don’t know if the Hawkins couple had any children.

In April of 2020, the mighty angel also published a photo of his youngest niece, Eva, with his Grandad, but no further details were revealed. As a result, the public has speculated as to which of the three sisters’ daughters is Eva.

Religious upbringing

As previously stated, Lucy’s twin brother Tom is a devout Christian. Their participation with the church and the fact that their father is a Baptist pastor must be the key reasons. Religious traditions and beliefs surrounding the Sheffield residents at all times, since one of Tom Ellis’ three sisters would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Baptist minister.

Lucy and her twin brother grew up in a female-dominated household, with the sole boy child being the will power bleeding actor. The multiple award winner also expresses his thanks for such family situations, stating that they have made it simpler for him to be among the ladies.

Tom Ellis has two other siblings in addition to his twin sister. Annwen Stone’s Instagram is the source of this image.

The immortal Lucifer, based on a DC character, maybe fighting angels and punishing humanity, but he got his start in his father’s church play. We can only infer that his siblings are acting alongside him because of the family’s religious beliefs.

Tom Ellis and his twin sister have always had each other’s backs, despite their differences. In the days ahead, we hope to discover more about the twins’ bonding and their siblings, but for now, let’s respect Tom Ellis’ twin sister’s wish to keep things quiet and private.

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