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What is the sexuality of Corinna Kopf? The Real Reason for Her Dating Preferences

What is the sexuality of Corinna Kopf? The Real Reason for Her Dating Preferences

Corinna Kopf is one of the most well-known social media influencers on the internet, with 1.77 million YouTube subscribers and 6 million Instagram followers.

The social media celebrity soon moved out to make lifestyle-themed material after being a major figure in David Dobrik’s vlog squad.

She’s also been on the feeds of popular Twitch streamers like Adin Ross and Aircool. She even had popular Twitter interactions with Karl Jacobs, a Minecraft streamer, and Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

Her admirers can’t help but be intrigued about her relationships because she has such a large following and online presence. Of course, she’s had her fair share of relationships with internet male celebrities, but many people are unaware that she’s also drawn to women.

Sexuality of Corinna Kopf

The social media celebrity has expressed her interest in women on several occasions.

IMPAULSIVE Clips posted an excerpt from Kopf’s episode 280 appearance on the ImPaulsive podcast, where she discussed her romantic preferences, on July 7, 2021. Mike Malak, the host of the video, asked her about her openness to “female on girl” action, and she stated that she liked girls.

Majlak then inquired if she had looked into it, to which Kopf replied that she had. Logan Paul then inquired if she had come out as bisexual, to which Kopf said that she had and that she despised labels.

Kopf had previously stated on Twitter that she liked girls. She tweeted in February 2013 that she questioned her sexuality every day, but an hour later changed her mind and said she didn’t because she had a boyfriend.

“I’m so gay for Ariana Grande,” she tweeted in 2018. She tweeted in 2019 that she felt like a “raging lesbian” because she liked women. She emphasized a year later, on May 11, that she was not gay despite liking women.

Despite the fact that Kopf professes to be bisexual, there is no evidence that she is dating a woman. In truth, she has only had public relationships with men in the past.

Previous Relationships of Corina Kopf

Todd “Toddy” Smith, another Vlog Squad member, was dating Kopf in 2017.

The two documented their relationship on Dobrik’s YouTube channel, where they were frequently caught fighting and making up like any other couple. They also recorded their relationship on their individual channels, but they announced their split in April 2018.

The two remained friends and continued to collaborate on projects.

After Smith, Kopf ignited relationship speculations with the Paul brothers’ oldest brother after they were seen sitting together at an L.A. Lakers game in 2019. On his ImPaulsive podcast, Paul stressed that they were merely friends with benefits.

Turner Tenney aka Tfue, a gaming YouTuber, was also tied to Kopf. They were initially seen together in December 2018 at a party, and their relationship was confirmed in March 2019. They ended their relationship almost a year later.