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What Is Darren Barnet’s Relationship Status? The Crazy Catfishing Story of Darren Barnet

What Is Darren Barnet’s Relationship Status? The Crazy Catfishing Story of Darren Barnet

What Is Darren Barnet’s Relationship Status? Da Many fans have been asking about actor Darren Barnet’s dating life since the premiere of the new Netflix rom-com Love Hard.

Barnet sat down with ExtraTV’s Rachel Lindsay to discuss honestly with his co-stars from the film Love Hard.

Because the plot of the film revolves around the main character getting catfished on a dating app, the cast went on to discuss their own catfishing experiences.

The actor also addressed his connection with his current partner, who also happens to be a co-star in the film.

The True Story of Darren Barnet’s Catfishing

Barnet told a story of getting catfished by a woman a few years ago.

While eating lunch at a restaurant, his gaze was drawn to a young lady who was also present. Understandably, they decided to keep the conversation going and meet up to spend some time together and eat dinner together.

“The nice girl I met at lunch had entirely vanished by the time we sat down,” he explained. “She was gloating about her Romanian celebrity.”

After that discussion, things went south, and Barnet realized he’d been catfished. He wasn’t having much fun with his date, and she even dubbed him “boring” in front of him.

When he inquired if she wanted him to drop her off at her house after the date, she declined and boarded “a vehicle full of four males.”

What Is Darren Barnet’s Relationship Status?

Mikaela Hoover, a co-star from Love Hard, has been dating the actor from Never Have I Ever.

The 37-year-old actress, who has appeared in films such as Holiday and Guardians of the Galaxy, plays Chelsea in the rom-com.

In 2006, Hoover received her first on-screen job, and the following year, she starred in the film Frank.

In the current Suicide Squad film, Hoover portrayed Camila, a character from the DC Comics series of the same name. Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Idris Elba, and John Cena, among others, appear in the film.

In April, they made their relationship public.

Hoover, Barnet’s girlfriend, revealed details about their relationship for the first time in April. She’d shared a photo of herself and her partner celebrating his 30th birthday.

Her caption was as follows: “You brighten my day. Angel, have a wonderful birthday.”

On July 12, the Never Have I Ever star shared the identical photo as a birthday tribute for his partner.

The duo made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Los Angeles premiere of The Suicide Squad in August.

As they posed for the photographers in their fancy costumes, the couple shared a kiss.

Ren Barnet’s Weird Catfishing Adventure