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What Is Cirroc Lofton’s Net Worth After Taking A Break From Acting?

What Is Cirroc Lofton’s Net Worth After Taking A Break From Acting?

Cirroc Lofton first became well-known for his portrayal of Ben Sisko’s son Jake in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

When Lofton began portraying the role in 1993, he was just fourteen years old. By the time the show finished in 1999, he was 21.

He showed up in 173 of the 176 episodes over the course of the show’s seven-year run. Lofton continued performing even after the show ended until 2008 when he abruptly took an almost ten-year hiatus from it.

But despite his absence, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor continued to work while also exploring other opportunities, most notably entering the restaurant industry.

When Cirroc Lofton returned to acting after a break, he launched Cafe Cirroc.

Cirroc Lofton discussed what he has been up to after taking a break from acting for the first time in a 2010 interview with Startrek. He talked about Cafe Cirroc, a restaurant in Culver City close to Playa Del Ray. He continued by discussing the food the cafe offered:

After Bistro Laurent abruptly shuttered its doors in 2014, Cafe Ciccoc extended its operations in its place. The latter was forced to cease operations because it fell short of its goal of regaining its prior level of success. During that period, Cafe Cirroc transformed into a hookah bar and cafe. reports that the Cafe Ciccoc restaurant in Lofton is currently closed. We were unable to determine the causes of its closure.

Cirroc had a rap album coming up.

Lofton revealed to Sci-Fi Wire in 2005 that he has been composing the rap album “Divine Intervention.”

Then, he had been composing the album’s music for six or seven years (beginning in 1998 or 1999), with the intention of releasing it in September 2005 through Infinity World Entertainment.

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor continued by revealing that one of the beats would incorporate the original Star Trek theme music and put it in a hip-hop style. Unfortunately, the album was never finished.

When questioned about the CD he had been working on by Startrek in 2010, Lofton responded, “I really finished that CD. It’s now being mixed and mastered, and I anticipate releasing it in December. Just been busy, I guess. It’s been a wild ride through life. I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life with a pretty wonderful person I found, and we have a really cool thing going on. I’m now engaged. She’s really helped me calm down and focus in a lot of different ways. I’m done with my music. I’ve got this restaurant open, and it will serve as a stage for my live performances. He continued, “I’m going to keep going and do the things I’m passionate about: acting, creating scripts, music, managing the restaurant, getting to know people, entertaining, having fun, and also playing basketball.”

A Selected Filmography of Cirroc Lofton

Cirroc Lofton made his acting debut in the canine-centered comedy film Beethoven in 1992. The next year, he appeared in The Magic Paintbrush in a supporting role as a skateboarder.

At the same time, he received his first significant break when he was chosen to play Jake Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He remained active with the program until its conclusion. Lofton switched to The Hoop Life after the Star Trek television series concluded (1999-2000).

He appeared in films such as Soul Food (2001), CSI: Miami (2006), I’m Through with White Girls (2007), and Ball Don’t Lie throughout the ensuing few years (2008). Lofton took a vacation from acting after working on Ball Don’t Lie and was out of the business for over ten years.

He made a comeback in 2017 to reprise his role as Jacob in Star Trek: Renegades. He has been in several shows since his comeback, including Days of Our Lives (2020), All American (2018), The 7th Rule (2019–2020), and Alone Together: A DS9 Companion (2020).

How much money is he worth?

Cirroc Lofton started acting at a very young age and, at the age of 14, appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, one of television’s most popular shows. Even after taking a hiatus from acting, he launched Cafe Cirroc. His early acting career was very successful.

According to ZDNet, he is currently the editor-in-chief of Federation News Service in addition to performing and starting the restaurant.

The Star Trek actor ought to be financially secure, despite the fact that it is unknown what his net worth is.

What is Cirroc Lofton’s height?

The actor Cirroc Lofton is listed as having a height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) on and IMDb, although the website claims that Lofton is actually 6 feet 2 1/2 inches tall (1.89 meters).