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What Has Happened to the Cast of ‘Jerseylicious’?

What Has Happened to the Cast of ‘Jerseylicious’?

New Jersey is unquestionably a hotbed for reality shows. With shows like Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of Jersey, Cake Boss, Jersey Couture, and Jersey Bell, the city has excelled in entertaining reality TV enthusiasts.

Jerseylicious is one such reality show. This reality show debuted on March 21, 2010, and lasted for six seasons over the course of four years.

The first five seasons broadcast on the now-defunct Style Network, with Food Network On Demand picking up the conclusion.

The show followed hairdressers who worked in Green Brook Township, New Jersey, at various salons.

The Gatsby Salon, Anthony Robert Salon, and The Glam Fairy were among the salons.

The show’s idea was not solely based on the cast completing their jobs. From industrial competition and catfights to relationships and breakups, it had it all.

Many fans have been wondering where they are after the series concluded. That is, the Jerseylicious cast. Since the cast hasn’t been in the news in a while, here’s what we know about their current situation.

Sharpe, Olivia Blois

Olivia Blois Sharp has evolved significantly over the previous eight years, which may come as a surprise to some. She has become practically unrecognizable from her old self after she stopped using an artificial tan and excessive cosmetics.

She used to be the lead makeup artist at The Gatsby Salon and Anthony Roberts, but she now lives in New York and operates a couple of enterprises.

She also started the Two Virgos clothing line. However, the brand’s website is no longer active, and it hasn’t posted on Instagram since 2017.

Mike Atkari, her ex-boyfriend, was found dead in his Long Island home in March 2017. He used to be Sharpe’s boyfriend on Jerseylicious, but the two were not together at the time of his death.

On the other side, her present relationship status is unknown.

Tracy Dimarco is an actress and model.

Tracy Dimarco, one of the show’s key characters, had a lot of squabbles with Sharpe. She’s worked at all three of the salons featured on Jerseylicious and is currently the owner of Princess Armor.

Princess Armor has a wide range of footwear, outerwear, jewelry, and accessories to choose from. She also co-hosts a podcast called Bad Examples with Jessica Romano-Calacione, a former Glam Fairy makeup artist.

Dimarco married Corey Epstein in 2013, and they have three children together: Skylar James, Jayden Gene, and Julian Chase. In 2019, Dimarco and Epstein split, and she is now a proud single mother.

On her Instagram account, @tracydimarco_, she posts pictures of her children and her daily life.

Christy Pereira is a model and actress.

Since Jerseylicious, not much has changed in Christy Pereira’s life. She is still employed at The Gatsby Salon, and she and Danny Pereira are happily married.

She has two children, Daniella Jeanne and Rocco Joseph, whom she routinely posts pictures of on Instagram.

Liscio, Gigi

Gigi Liscio continues to work as a stylist in her hometown of New Jersey. She has a lot of cut and color options on her Instagram page. Gigiliscious, her own website, also sells hair accessories and clip-in extensions.

The show’s on-again, off-again romance between Liscio and Frankie captivated fans. Unfortunately, the two were not able to become a couple.

She has lately married her partner Lou and given birth to a daughter.

Prisco, Alexa

The Glam Fairy, a hair and cosmetics artistry business, is owned by Alexa Prisco. She has her own spinoff show, The Glam Fairy, from 2011 to 2012.

She also has a daughter, McKayla, whom she adores and frequently posts photos of on Instagram.

Gayle Giacomo (Gayle Giacomo)

Since Jerseylicious, not much has changed in Gayle Giacomo’s life. She is still the owner and operator of The Gatsby Salon.

On Instagram, she may also be seen collaborating with other brands.

Lombardi, Anthony

Since Jerseylicious, Anthony Lombardi has broadened his horizons. AR Salon is his own salon, and he is the author of The Glamor State.

He is an entrepreneur that promotes inspiring messages on Instagram. He continues to work as a hairstylist and shares his work on social media.

Lombardi is also a proud parent, but little is known about his personal life.