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What Has Been Happening to Justin Assanti from ‘My 600-Lb Life’?

What Has Been Happening to Justin Assanti from ‘My 600-Lb Life’?

Justin Assanti was one of the most recognizable cast members of TLC’s My 600 Lb Life, a show about morbidly obese people seeking to live a healthier life.

Justin and his brother Steven Assanti, like the other reality TV show contestants, sought the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to lose weight for the show’s fifth season in 2017.

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With 600 pounds on his frame, Justin was morbidly obese.

Justin had gained a tremendous 600 pound weight when he initially appeared on the show, having formed an unhealthy relationship with food from a young age.

Despite his serious social anxiety concerns, Justin’s father persuaded him to speak with Dr. Now at the moment. Justin did not want to come on the show with his 800-pound brother because their relationship was rocky at best.

Justin first refused to get help from the good doctor for his weight. He chose to deal with his weight problems on his own instead.

In his birthplace of Cranston, Rhode Island, he opened his own store, Hobby Haven, not long after. The shop largely sold model kits of various types, which complemented Justin’s interest in model construction.

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a procedure that removes the stomach from the digestive system.

When things went wrong at the store, the reality star went back to Dr. Now and chose to get weight loss surgery after adhering to a strict diet.

Thanks to the surgery, Justin was able to lose nearly 200 pounds, but he had to leave the program again due to his brother’s conduct.

Steven took Justin’s pain medicine when he was recovering from gastric bypass surgery. The last straw had been reached.

Justin had reportedly been bullied by his brother for the majority of his childhood, and he had had enough this time. As a result, he dropped out of the program, as well as his relationship with his brother.

The brothers had not reconciled since their tragic vacation, according to Distractify.

This is Justin’s third visit to Dr.

After the good doctor stopped communicating with Steven, Justin returned to the program for the third time. He was back to working out and improving his physique.

The youngest of the Assanti brothers, according to The Cinemaholic, has made significant development since then. In terms of business, his shop is likewise doing quite well.

Furthermore, because working in the shop required frequent interaction with clients, it helped him improve his social skills and reduce his social anxiety.

In 2018, the older Assanti married Stephanie Sanger. After their wedding, the wife frequently shares photos of the couple.

However, the duo had been silent on social media for some time, prompting many to speculate that the once-adoring couple had split up.