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What Happened When Eddie Huang Saw His Future Wife in His Ex Girlfriend Dena?

What Happened When Eddie Huang Saw His Future Wife in His Ex Girlfriend Dena?

39-year-old Eddie Huang is a multi-talented individual. He is best known for his work as a film director, but he is also an author, chef, restaurant, food personality, producer, and lawyer.

He is most known for anchoring the documentary series Huang’s World and co-owning BaoHaus, an agua bao restaurant in Lower Manhattan’s East Village.

Huang even used his memoir Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China to talk about his ex-girlfriend Dena, whom he met through his memoir.

The biography began with him recounting his trip to China to learn about Chinese culinary arts, followed by a discovery about his then-girlfriend and how he was saddened.

Dena Huang, Eddie Huang’s Girlfriend, Has a Sweet Love Story

When they were together, Huang’s ex-girlfriend Dena — who grew up in an Italian-Irish-American household in Scranton, Pennsylvania — was happy, according to Huang’s memoir.

Dena had also planned to fly to China to meet Huang halfway through his journey, and the renowned chef had decided to propose to her while they were in his ancestral motherland.

His parents were supposedly immigrants from Taiwan, in case you didn’t know. In addition, his father’s and mother’s ancestral residences were in mainland China’s Hunan and Shandong provinces, respectively.

Huang also dreamt about Dena as his future wife and the family they would create together one day.

In his memoir, one of his lines read:

But, after that, what went wrong?

Following his decision to propose to Dena, the former Huang’s World co-host contacted Dena’s father, Mr. Fusco, to obtain his permission to do so.

“Eddie, it’s a Communist country and, look, you know I’m an open-minded man, but come on,” Fusco, who had only clichéd and Hollywood thoughts of what China was like, said.

Dena’s father expressed additional concern about his daughter’s travel to Chengdu with Huang, claiming that anything could go wrong at any time near their planned location.

Those remarks damaged Huang’s feelings about his native homeland. He was upset by Fusco’s statements, claiming that her lover’s father was “opposed to the land and culture my forefathers are from without ever comprehending it,” according to his memoir.

Despite the fact that the two became engaged during their trip, they called off their engagement 18 months later. The author also included a chapter titled “Epilogue: I’m Not in Love,” which implied that they had broken up due to cultural differences.

He blamed her in a paragraph, writing,

Is Eddie Huang currently dating or married?

For a long time, Huang has kept his personal life under wraps. As a result, it’s unclear whether he has a girlfriend, is married, or is single.

But let’s hope his relationship status is revealed one day!