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What Happened When Disguised Toast Resurfaced on Twitter?

What Happened When Disguised Toast Resurfaced on Twitter?

Disguised Toast, real name Jeremy Wang, a popular streamer, made a brief comeback to Twitter over three months after abandoning the platform. He made a surprise post on October 23, 2021, with a cryptic classic Simpsons gif.

Abe Simpson walked into a building before exiting seconds later, according to the tweet.

Because the post lacked a caption, it was left open to interpretation. As a result, many of Toast’s followers mistook the tweet for a statement on the ongoing debate over fellow streamer Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare line.

On October 19, 2021, Valkyrae debuted her new skincare line, promising to prevent internet users from blue light pollution. However, when she announced her latest project, she was faced with a barrage of criticism and backlash.

Internet people accused her of concocting a ruse, accusing her of inventing a remedy to a problem that never existed.

Following the uproar, the YouTuber responded to the claims through a YouTube stream on October 23. She asserted that her firm’s study was accurate and error-free.

The 29-year-old then pulled her coworkers into the drama, claiming that just a few of them, notably Sykkuno and Pokimane, bothered to check in on her during the difficult times.

Many assumed Toast’s cryptic gif was his last response to her statements because she didn’t name her long-time pal Toast.

One of his followers commented, “Toast this tweet is twisted by a Redditor as a response for Rae.” Others, on the other hand, thought the tweet was just a subtle tease to followers waiting for him to return to Twitter.

What happened to the Twitter account of Disguised Toast?

Toast announced his retirement from Twitter in July 2021. He didn’t deactivate his account, but he did wipe it clean, erasing all tweets as well as his profile image and banner.

Toast discussed his unexpected departure in a YouTube video on July 28, 2021, after the abrupt shift. “I should spend less time on Twitter. That app is not conducive to my mental well-being “Toast explained his decision to leave Twitter.

He talked on how difficult it was for him to leave Twitter after being “addicted to the dopamine when people talk to me.” The Taipei native wanted to stay on the site like other gamers, but he was too easily dragged into negativity.

Before the end of his live session, he said, “I need to figure out a way to use Twitter in a healthy way.”

Toast’s abrupt departure from Twitter occurred just months after he was chastised for his raunchy humor. He was also under threat of having his show canceled after online users claimed he promoted pedophilia and prejudice.

However, the content producer did not hesitate to respond to critics. The 29-year-old openly denied all charges in a well-written statement titled ‘Addressing my “problematic” background and being canceled.’

He remarked that he always “toed the line” of edgy comedy, adding that he was aware that his jokes could be taken more seriously than he intended.