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What happened to Danielle Caesar, Jake T. Austin’s girlfriend?

What happened to Danielle Caesar, Jake T. Austin’s girlfriend?

Jake Austin Szymanski, better known by his stage as Jake T. Austin, is an American actor who was born in New York City on December 3, 1994.

He comes from a multi-ethnic household. His mother is of Puerto Rican, Argentinean, and Spanish ancestry, while his father is of Polish, Irish, and English ancestry.

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Examining Austin’s Career

Austin’s acting career began in 2002 when he appeared in TV advertisements. However, he got his big break in the well-liked Dora the Explorer animated series on Nickelodeon, where he provided the voice of Diego.

Later, in the Nickelodeon television series Go, Diego, Go, the actor once more provided the voice of Diego.

Austin was cast as Max Russo in the Disney production Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007, and he worked there for four years with Selena Gomez, a well-known actor, and pop icon.

Austin earned the 2012 Hollywood Teen TV Awards for Favorite Television Actor as a result of his work on the program. He later appeared in the Hannah Montana TV show.

Austin’s big break in the film industry came in 2011 when he provided the voice of Fernando in the wildly popular 20th Century Fox film Rio. Later, he was hired to work on Rio 2.

The actor’s role as Jesus Foster in the ABC drama series The Fosters was cast in 2013.

His performance in the show received praise, and as a result, the name of the program and the character are now associated with him.

Austin would participate in season 23 of the celebrity dance reality series Dancing with the Stars, it was revealed on August 30, 2016. However, Austin and Jenna Johnson, his dance partner, were the first to be eliminated.

Jake T. Austin’s Girlfriend And Love Life

He began dating New Yorker Danielle Caesar in 2016, according to HuffPost, after she tweeted him frequently for more than five years. The fan girl’s persistence paid off when she caught the actor’s attention.

As is sometimes said, persistence pays off, and Caesar was able to meet her love interest in 2011 at a Planet Hollywood event in New York because of her persistence. She was fortunate to have an image of Austin.

It would be a couple more years before Caesar ended up dating Austin. In 2016, the well-known actor shared a photo on social media to reveal his relationship with the fangirl.

“I’m crazy for her,” the caption stated.

Austin and Caesar: Are They Still Dating?

In 2021, the pair has already broken up and is no longer together. Austin appears to be single at the moment and focused on realizing his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker.

The actor expressed his desire to advance in acting and to work toward being a director, writer, and producer in an interview with A Book Of. He referred to his aspirations as “long-term aims,” which included writing and directing.

He is presently hard at work on the upcoming thriller Daft State, in which he will portray the role of Josh.

Caesar, who is 28 years old, recently revealed her current relationship status in an Instagram post. Caesar’s lover is a rising singer who performs under the stage name Colb.