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What happened between Jessie and John James Decker?

What happened between Jessie and John James Decker?

Jessie James Decker has a tendency for generating headlines, whether for body-shaming or family issues.

The country-pop singer-songwriter and her younger brother John James allegedly had a quarrel.

Brother of Jessie James Decker explains feud

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Reddit users discuss Decker and her family in r/jjdandfamily.

A December 24 discussion on u/bachelorbiz gives light on the James siblings’ conflict.

The discussion included a screenshot of James Decker’s private communication with an unnamed user. James was asked if he and his sister were chatting.

James admitted a terrible connection with his sister and called her “the most repulsive person in the world.”

“She forced an inappropriate conversation that culminated with me pushing my pregnant fiancée and my stepdad yelling in her face,” he wrote. “Jess insisted on the talk, and it imploded. She hasn’t apologized for the family rupture she caused.”

He said he would never forgive Decker because she was the reason his family missed Emmy’s birth.

The Eric & Jessie: Game On star has yet to address her brother’s charges.

Her brother called her out on Instagram Stories

James often calls out Decker on Instagram without naming her.

When questioned if his relationship with his sister was improving, James again criticized her.

He said Decker may have erased his wife’s shop page. He told The Things,

Recently, he said his sister was playing the victim after posting tearful Instagram stories.

The 33-year-old singer cried after finding a subreddit condemning her. “I’ve always been confident, but I’m not flawless,” she remarked.

“My weight has always fluctuated, but a Reddit page rips me apart every day. They say I’m overweight, boxy, and ugly. They accuse me of altering my body.”

James said his sister’s fate led to all the hate comments.