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What Does Patti Scialfa’s Brother Michael Scialfa Do?

What Does Patti Scialfa’s Brother Michael Scialfa Do?

Patti Scialfa, born Vivienne Patricia Scialfa, is a well-known American guitarist and singer-songwriter who has been involved in the American music industry since the late 1970s. Patti Springsteen, who is well known as Bruce Springsteen’s wife, joined the E Street Band in 1991. As a member of the E Street Band, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Rumble Doll, 23rd Street Lullaby, and Play It As It Lays are only a few of Scialfa’s solo albums to date.

Patti Scialfa is the youngest of Joseph and Patricia Scialfa’s three children. Michael Scialfa is her older brother, while Sean Scialfa is her younger brother. Learn more about Patti Scialfa’s brother, Michael Scialfa, including his job and family life, in this article.

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Michael Scialfa Is A Musician As Well

Patti Scialfa’s maternal grandfather was an Irish songwriter who immigrated to the United States. Patti and her older brother, Michael, learned to play the piano from their grandfather, who sat next to his piano bench. Patti Scialfa’s brother, Michael, on the other hand, discovered that playing the guitar was his true calling. So he decided to pursue a career in music, and he is now a keyboardist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter in the American music industry.

Michael Scialfa, Patti’s brother, is a keyboardist in the band Timepiece. Image courtesy of Michael Scialfa on Facebook.

Michael Scialfa, Patti’s brother, went to Asbury Park High School. Scialfa went on to study psychology and pre-medical at the University of Miami and New York University, respectively. Michael began teaching chemistry at his alma mater, Asbury Park High School, shortly after graduation. He quit his teaching job to follow his musical dreams, creating the band Timepiece with his musician buddies. Michael Scialfa and his band have performed at a variety of theaters and clubs to date.

Michael Scialfa may not be as well-known as his celebrity sister, but he is well-known in New Jersey. He still performs with his band in local taverns at the age of 71. During his appearances, he is accompanied by his sister, Patti, and her husband, Bruce Springsteen.

Patti Scialfa’s brother and husband share the same birthday.

Patti Scialfa’s husband, Bruce Springsteen, and Michael Scialfa were born on the same day, September 23, 1949. They got together with their families to celebrate their birthdays. Michael and Bruce are really close buddies in addition to sharing a birthdate. Furthermore, some claim that it was Michael who introduced Bruce to his sister, Patti, while performing at the Stone Pony in New Jersey.

Michael Scialfa, Patti’s brother, has performed with Bruce on several occasions. They played on stage together in Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Wonder Bar in 2015. At a private gathering, both Patti and Bruce joined Michael’s band, Timepiece. Michael and Bruce have also performed together in the past at venues such as Woody’s Roadside Tavern, MetLife Stadium, and Firehouse in New Jersey.

On his social media platforms, Michael frequently posts photos with his birthday twin, Bruce Springsteen. His social media tweets about Bruce express his gratitude for having him as a brother-in-law and friend. We hope their friendship continues to be as strong as it is now for the rest of time.

Donna Piccolo Ranieri is his wife.

Michael Scialfa, Patti’s older brother, is married to Donna Piccolo Ranieri, a Loan Consultant. Michael’s wife, Donna, worked at PNC Bank as a residential mortgage loan officer before joining LoanDepot as a consultant.

Michael Scialfa and his adored wife, Donna, are the proud parents of Melissa Scialfa, a lovely grown-up daughter. The New Jersey-born artist and his family currently reside in Asbury Park, where he continues to perform with his band at local bars on various occasions.

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