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What Does Journalist John Berman’s Wife Kerry Voss Do?

What Does Journalist John Berman’s Wife Kerry Voss Do?

John Berman, a well-known American news anchor, is married. Kerry Voss, his then-girlfriend, and he walked down the aisle in 2001. The pair has been contentedly enjoying their wonderful marital life full of love, care, and support for one another since their marriage. The couple has twin sons who are in their early adolescent years.

While John Berman’s profession in American journalism has brought him a lot of fame and fortune, many people are wondering what Kerry is doing to support her family. So, let’s learn more about John Berman’s wife, Kerry Voss, and her current activities.

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Kerry Voss, John Berman’s Wife’s Profession

Most of us are familiar with John Berman, one of America’s most popular news anchors, who presently co-anchors CNN’s New Day with Brianna Keller. Kerry Voss, on the other hand, normally stays behind the camera and rarely appears in public with her celebrity spouse. As a result, people curious about John Berman’s wife, Kerry’s occupation, will have to wait. Berman and Voss have never mentioned anything about her previous employment. Nonetheless, she and her billionaire husband may be living the high life. Her husband, John Berman, is currently believed to have a net worth of $5 million.

Furthermore, according to a Westchester Magazine story, Kerry is highly athletic and may be interested in charity endeavors. Kerry and her husband, John Berman, participated in the Bedford Turkey Trot, a neighborhood 5K run conducted after Thanksgiving in Bedford. Aside from that, she and her spouse may have participated in other such actions to aid humanity.

While at Harvard, I met John Berman.

Kerry Voss, John Berman’s wife, was also a Harvard University graduate, where John received summa cum laude honors. In the mid-1990s, it was there that the current married couple met. Berman told Westchester Magazine in an interview that he met his girlfriend through theater.

Kerry and John were both members of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals, which is the world’s third oldest theater. Berman claimed that he was an actor on the show, while his wife worked in the costume department. So he still claims to be one of the few people who met their soulmate while performing in a drag show.

According to reports, Voss accidentally urged her lover, John, to pursue a career in journalism. After graduating from Harvard, John Berman relocated to New York City to be closer to his sweetheart, a Vermont native. He took an internship at ABC News instead of going to Columbia Law School, which was his original intention. That, in turn, proved to be Berman’s ticket to journalistic success.

Since 2001, I’ve been entangled in a marital knot.

On July 20, 2001, Kerry Voss and John Berman exchanged wedding vows. Berman published a photo of his wedding ring on their anniversary in 2018, despite the fact that the couple has not revealed any specifics about their wedding day.

He noted in the caption that he has been wearing that ring for exactly seventeen years. Berman also wished Kerry a happy anniversary and referred to her as the best human on the planet.

On his 17th wedding anniversary, John Berman uploaded a photo of his wedding band. John Berman’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

During a media interview, John Berman disclosed that after the 2000 presidential election, he planned to ask his then-girlfriend Kerry to marry him. However, there was a recount, which caused his plan to be postponed. He proposed soon after Bush was elected president. John was working as an off-air reporter for ABC during George W. Bush’s presidential campaign at the time.

Berman and Voss married in July 2001, just a few months after their engagement, and have been happily married ever since. Their happy marriage was enriched by the addition of their two children.

With John Berman, she has twin sons.

Kerry Voss and her devoted husband, John Berman, have twin sons. Teddy Berman and Joseph Berman, their boys, were born in 2007. Berman and his wife, Kerry, do not, however, talk much about their sons in public.

They also never post images of their sons Teddy and Joseph because they don’t want their children’s daily lives to be influenced by their father’s celebrity.

During a phone contact with John Berman’s wife, Kerry Voss, on Father’s Day, she revealed that her sons, like their father, are big Boston Sports fans. Kerry’s sons are interested in games, but they also enjoy creating artistic stuff. Before travelling to Florida to cover Hurricane Irma in 2017, they constructed a multicolored bracelet for their father, which turned out to be good luck for him.

Kerry Voss appears to be keeping herself busy as a housewife at the moment. She looks after her children when her husband, John Berman, is at work. According to Berman’s Instagram, his wife, Kerry, enjoys gardening as well, since he routinely posts photos of various plants flourishing in their yard.

In the days ahead, we hope to learn more about the lovely Kerry Voss.

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