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What Does Evan Handler’s Wife Elisa Atti Do? Love Life And Children

What Does Evan Handler’s Wife Elisa Atti Do? Love Life And Children

Evan Handler is a well-known American actor who is most known for playing Harry Goldenblatt, a divorce attorney on the American romantic television series ‘Sex and the City.’ Handler is well known for his role as Charlie Runkle in the television show Californication, which he appeared in from 2007 until 2014. Evan Handler’s most recent acting project is the character of Jacob Warner, an Eastern District US Attorney, in the crime drama ‘Power.’ Handler is also a novelist and a creative writer. He contributes to The Huffington Post on a regular basis.

Evan Handler, a varied TV personality, has dated a number of women in the past. He did, however, wind up with Elisa Atti, an Italian-born lady with whom he has been married for over a decade. Learn more about Evan Handler’s wife, Elisa Atti, and their married lives and profession in this article.

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Evan Handler has been my husband since 2003.

Evan Handler of Sex and the City married Elisa Atti, a non-Jewish and non-American female, in a private wedding on October 12, 2003. They married about the same time as Handler, who portrayed Harry, married Charlotte York, his on-screen love.

Evan Handler and Elisa Atti married in their favorite neighborhood restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, according to People magazine. The wedding ceremony drew a total of 100 attendees, including intimate friends and family members of the bride and groom. During their marriage ceremony on an upstairs balcony, the couple even hired an interpreter to explain for Elisa’s Italian relatives.

In October of 2003, Evan Handler married Elisa Atti. Social media is the source of this image.

On their wedding day, Evan and his wife, Elisa, appeared pleased and giggling. Despite the couple’s religious differences, their parents were supportive of their romance. Elisa Atti, Evan Handler’s wife, is a Catholic, although Evan is a Jew. Their wedding was non-denominational, with no Crucifix or Chuppah. The guests at their wedding ceremony stated it was a wonderfully relaxing occasion.

Elisa Atti, Evan Handler’s wife, frequently joins her celebrity husband at red carpet events. Unlike her spouse, though, she does not appear to be active on social media. As a result, there are few images of her online, and her personal information is not accessible to the general public.

Evan Handler is a devoted mother to a lovely daughter.

Elisa Atti and her loving husband, Evan Handler, have a beautiful daughter named Sofia Clementina Handler. Sofia, her first and only child, was born on January 17, 2007, nearly four years after she and Evan married.

Evan told People a few months after Sophia’s birth that the nicest part of being a dad is watching Elisa become a mother. He went on to say that he appreciates seeing the lady he loves, who was unsure if she had any maternal instincts but was full of love for her daughter. Evans adores it when Elisa is giddy with delight and kindness.

Sofia Handler, her daughter, is on Instagram, unlike Elisa. Looking at her Instagram feed, it appears that she has a strong desire to work in the modeling profession. Sofia, Elisa’s 14-year-old daughter, enjoys posing for photos and traveling with her parents. She is frequently seen on her father’s Instagram account. Unfortunately, Elisa likes to remain behind the camera and enjoy her personal life.

Evan Handler’s wife works in the medical field.

Evan Handler’s wife, Elisa Atti, was a medical researcher when she met and married Handler, according to several reports. However, due to her secrecy, it is unknown whether she continues to work as a researcher. She may have gone into a different line of work. However, it is completely beyond of reach of the media.

Furthermore, Elisa may have left her job following the birth of her daughter to stay at home and care for her newborn child. Elisa Atti, Evan Handler’s wife, appears to be a stay-at-home mom. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Evan Handler, and daughter, Sofia Clementina Handler, in a peaceful and private life.

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