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What Does Dan Hardy’s Ex-Wife Lacey Ann Hardy Do?

What Does Dan Hardy’s Ex-Wife Lacey Ann Hardy Do?

Dan a.k.a. “The Outlaw” Hardy is a former welterweight fighter from England who competed in the UFC. Daniel Mark Hardy was born on May 17, 1982, and fought in Cage Force and Cage Warriors before joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dan has been a professional since 2004, and he even battled for the UFC welterweight championship against MMA great George St-Pierre, which he lost by decision. Before parting ways in late 2020, the Nottingham native worked as a UFC pundit and broadcaster.

He was formerly married and is presently dating Venezuelan UFC bantamweight fighter Verónica Macedo, in addition to his MMA career. Lacey Ann Hardy, Dan Hardy’s ex-wife, is a well-known social media influencer who is involved in a variety of activities.

Let’s have a look at Dan’s ex-love wife’s life to get to know her better.

Lacey Is An Extraordinary Spiritual Being

Lacey Ann Hardy, Dan Hardy’s ex-wife, is a certified senior spiritual yoga instructor and one of the most powerful integrative medicine influencers. She was born in Los Vegas, Nevada, and went by the name Lacey Anna Luna when she divorced her ex-husband.

Lacey Ann Luna is an aerialist as well. Lacey Ann Luna’s Facebook page provided the image.

Dan’s ex-wife enjoys Ayahuasca and mindfulness retreats in addition to yoga. In the Peruvian Andes mountains of Sacred Valley, she just organized an 8-day mindfulness retreat. Alchemy, embodiment, and spiritual healing are some of her other specialties.

Her Instagram feed is full with breathtaking landscapes and yoga positions. Lacey is becoming a more colorful person by the day, while being affected by punk culture like her former boyfriend.

Not Only Does It Promote Intertwining Medicines Through Social Media

Lacey has concentrated more on herself and her interests since her divorce from her ex-husband. She has also appeared on a few of podcasts, in addition to touting the benefits of combining drugs on social media.

On the Journey podcast broadcast by Alexander Faubel in February of 2021, Dan Hardy’s ex-wife discussed why medicinal herbs are a tremendous healing aid but not for everyone.

She also arranges seminars with her friends and collaborates with other training facilities in addition to mindfulness retreats.

Bikram Yoga’s Controversial Follower

Lacey Ann Luna, Dan Hardy’s ex-wife, is a senior certified trainer of Bikram Yoga, which was founded by controversial yoga instructor Bikram Choudhury. It’s a yoga workout that’s different from the standard poses.

Bikram’s instructor training is also known as Hot Yoga because he only wears a speedo. This sparked a lot of controversy, and many kids have come forward to say they were sexually abused by him.

To become a senior instructor for Bikram yoga, aspirants must complete months of rigorous training at a hotel, during which time they are not permitted to communicate with the outside world.

For more information on the controversy surrounding this art of Yoga, watch Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator on Netflix.

The Multi-Colored Yoga Instructor

Lacey Ann Luna, Dan Hardy’s ex-wife, is also noted for her many hair color changes. Her hair was dyed a variety of colors, including red, pink, blonde, blue, purple, and so on.

During his time in the UFC, her former partner had red hair and a mohawk on top of it. Luna, on the other hand, has kept her black hair for a while, but since she is interested in spiritual matters, it is only a matter of time until she begins to explore.

Reason for Divorce

In October of 2014, the ex-couple married. However, the MMA athlete and his ex-wife divorced a few years later for unclear reasons. So it came as a shock to the MMA world when the news of their divorce was only made public after Hardy was seen with Verónica Macedo.

The former couple appeared to be a wonderful match because they shared similar interests and had tattoos all over their bodies.

The ex-lovers did not have children together, despite the fact that information about their marriage life is kept highly private.

Current Situation

Lacey Ann Luna, Dan Hardy’s ex-wife, is currently busy with her job and concentrating on her work. Due to her travel business, her personal responsibilities and demands have been put on hold.

Hardy, on the other hand, is in a stable relationship with Verónica Macedo, as previously stated. Before the UFC let him go, he would even accompany her to her fights.

Hardy’s brand Full Reptile, which focuses on athlete attire, is also promoted by the couple.

Lacey Ann Luna, on the other hand, is having a good time both physically and spiritually. We wish her nothing but the best in the future and hope to see her with someone in the near future.

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