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What Could Be The Meaning Behind All Of Ryan Sheckler’s Tattoos?

What Could Be The Meaning Behind All Of Ryan Sheckler’s Tattoos?

Ryan Sheckler is a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and former reality TV personality from the United States. After becoming the youngest-ever gold medalist in the X Games at the age of thirteen in 2003, he catapulted to popularity as a sports genius. Sheckler launched his own reality TV show, ‘Life of Ryan,’ a few years later, but it only lasted three seasons.

Ryan Sheckler has been busy lately with his skateboarding career and his nonprofit, The Sheckler Foundation, which helps children and injured athletes. Sheckler has a passion for tattoos in addition to skateboarding and humanitarian activity. Various tattoo designs adorn nearly every portion of his body.

So, what do all of Ryan Sheckler’s tattoos symbolize and why did he get them? Here you’ll find all you need to know.

The First Tattoo of Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler was influenced by his experiences growing up skateboarding and attending events with motocross and BMX riders who had tattoos all over their bodies. His father, Randy Sheckler, was the first in his family to have a tattoo. As a result, he was free to begin collecting them.

Ryan Sheckler got his family name ‘SHECKLER’ tattooed on his back for his first tattoo, which practically every member of his family has.

Ryan Sheckler had his surname ‘Sheckler’ tattooed on his back after his father had it done. Ryan Sheckler’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Ryan claims that his tattoo took more than four hours to complete. Furthermore, he revealed that it was not as painful as he had anticipated. Sheckler became addicted to getting tattoos after that.

Later Tattoos by Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler put multiple tattoos to his body parts after having his first tattoo on his back. Sheckler currently has around fifty tattoos on his body. Here are some of Ryan Sheckler’s tattoos, along with their meanings, that you might be interested in.

‘Fortitude & Honor’ is a phrase used to describe a person’s strength and honor.

The words ‘Strength & Honor’ are tattooed on Ryan Sheckler’s upper chest.

He and his father would frequently watch the film “Gladiator,” in which the slogan “Strength and Honor” was frequently utilized. Sheckler and his father would utter the words to each other before competing in skateboarding competitions.

Ryan eventually informed his father that they should both get the phrase tattooed. His father first objected to the notion, but later went through and got the tattoo without Ryan. Ryan got a tattoo after seeing his father’s.

‘Skate And Destroy’ is a song by Skate And Destroy.

Ryan Sheckler got the phrase “Skate and Destroy” tattooed on his right arm. Nyjah Huston, another pro skateboarder, gets the same sentence tattooed on his forearm.

‘Skate Life’ And A City Skyline-Holding Star

On his right arm, the skateboarding pro wears the words “Skate Life.” A tattoo of a black star holding up a metropolitan skyline may be found just above his elbow.

It is one of Sheckler’s most important tattoos because it embodies everything about him, according to him. Every time he goes out to skateboard, he anticipates returning bruised and brushed, as this is a part of his skate life.

‘Till Death’ And An Eyeball

The words ‘Till Death’ are tattooed on Ryan Sheckler’s left arm. It demonstrates his dedication to skateboarding to the end of his life.

Similarly, an eyeball tattoo mimics the appearance of his left elbow. Sheckler’s elbow is jacked from previous breaks, and he has an eyeball tattoo to cover it, according to him.

Kane and Shane are a couple.

Some of Ryan Sheckler’s tattoos pay tribute to the persons who have had a significant impact on his life. His brother’s name, “Kane,” is tattooed on one wrist, while his other brother’s name, “Shane,” is tattooed on the other wrist.

Furthermore, upon his grandmother’s death, he received a back piece with her name, ‘OLETA,’ in her memory.

Below the word ‘fear,’ there is a red diamond.

Ryan’s inner right arm has a red diamond tattooed on it. His arm is also adorned with the phrase ‘Fear’ immediately above the diamond. Sheckler claimed that he travels with the Bible and that it consumes his life to an unhealthy degree. As a result, he got the tattoos to remind himself that everything is in God’s hands.

An eagle from the United States

Ryan Sheckler has an American eagle tattoo on his chest. Ryan has a great tale about how he got his tattoo, which he told Inked.

In an interview, Sheckler disclosed that he went to Brad Reis to get an eagle tattooed on the front of his shin. Reis asked him to show his chest and drew the eagle on his breast after looking at his leg. That design took him 12-13 hours to finish.

San Clemente, Jesus Christ

Ryan Sheckler has ‘JESUS CHRIST’ inked on both of his knuckles, which is one of his favorite tattoos on his body. It was done by Franco Vescovi, a tattoo artist with whom he frequently collaborates. Vescovi used the same needle to tattoo the Virgin Mary on the back of his right hand.

Ryan Sheckler’s back piece of San Clemente is his other favorite tattoo from his collection. It is a permanent representation of his life at home and on the road.

The word “future” is inked on Ryan’s arm, a skull with wings on his neck, an image of Jesus Christ, a skateboard, numbers, an armed bomb, and many more black-and-gray patterns are inked on his body.

Do you have any regrets about getting some of his tattoos?

Ryan Sheckler has no regrets regarding the tattoos he has on his body. Every tattoo he has is like a story to him. The majority of them remind him of his past.

His right arm tattoo featuring the words ‘JETLAG’ inside a travel bag, for example, reminds him of Las Vegas. Ryan told Graham about his trip to Las Vegas while disclosing his tattoos and injuries on an episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger. He also stated that he felt jet-lagged on his first day in Australia. As a result, Sheckler considered getting a jetlag tattoo. He went to his tattooist right away and got it. Just below his Jetlag tattoo, he inked the word ‘Day 1’.

As a result, Sheckler enjoys all of his tattoos. When he is unable to skateboard due to injuries, he relies on his tattoos to provide an adrenaline boost. He gets a fresh tattoo every time he gets harmed.

Furthermore, Ryan Sheckler estimates that if he goes bald in the future, he will have an 80% chance of getting a skull tattoo on his head. He wants to be a tattooed grandpa with a full head of hair. So, what are your thoughts? Will he tattoo his entire head in the next years? It’s his decision, but we’re hoping to learn more about the meanings of his other tattoos in the coming days.

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