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Was Jere Fields married to Jimmie Walker? Into His Personal Life

Was Jere Fields married to Jimmie Walker? Into His Personal Life

The relationship between American actor and comedian Jimmie Walker has always been a topic of debate. Walker has indicated little to no interest in getting married or being in a relationship because he is so dedicated to his career.

Despite this, rumors regarding his personal life continue to circulate. And then there’s the question of who he’s dating. Was he ever married to Jere Fields, an American actress?

Jere Fields, Walker’s rumored wife, was never married.

Walker and Fields have been mistaken for husband and wife on numerous occasions. However, it comes out that the two have never married.

After their convincing and engaging debut as a couple on the Tattletales show in 1982, their relationship was misunderstood.

Tattletales was a CBS game program in which celebrities and their wives came together to answer questions and win money for the viewers.

As a result, when Walker appeared on the show with Fields, it caused confusion among many viewers, who assumed the two were married.

During his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on June 27, 2012, the comic revealed his marital status. He admitted on the show that he had never married and had never fathered any children.

He’s rumored to have dated Ann Coulter.

Around 2013, rumors began to circulate about Walker’s purported relationship with Ann Coulter, a far-right political commentator.

In an interview with the Huffington Post in October 2013, Coulter promptly disregarded this.

She explained that they were only good friends and joked that Walker was the source of the bogus relationship rumors.

In 2017, the rumor of their supposed romance resurfaced.

In April 2017, Good Times producer Norman Lear sat down with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris on an edition of Entertainment Weekly’s Untold Stories and revealed that Walker was dating Ann Coulter.

According to Lear, he went on a double date with Walker and Coulter.

However, Coulter soon debunked the story; on April 5, 2017, she addressed the claims on Twitter and stated that they were not romantically involved.

His Current Relationship Situation

For the time being, no news or information about his current relationship status or partner has surfaced.

Walker appears to be focusing a lot of his time on his comedy and acting careers.

He has hardly any personal time to raise a family because each stand-up tour lasts roughly 5-6 months every year.

In a word, the comedian wants to stay focused on his goal of being the best without being distracted by a relationship, family, children, or marriage.

He has also declared his opposition to marriage and why he prefers to remain single.

Walker revealed in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly in 2018 that marriage was a ruse that would eventually lead to people becoming furious, hostile, and prone to destruction, as well as losing everything he had worked for.

This is not to say that Walker has never been in a relationship.

He admitted to having a lot of girlfriends during an interview on The Wendy Williams Show in June 2012.