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Walter Kelley

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Full Name: Walter Kelley
Gender: Male
Profession: meteorologist
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Walter Kelly, who was named best meteorologist at the annual Best of Seattle 2014, was always enthralled by the changing weather. He knew what he wanted to do in life, therefore he decided early on to pursue a career in weather research in order to unravel the secrets of meteorological occurrences.

Walter’s ambition has come true: since November 1997, he has worked as a chief meteorologist for Q13 Fox Television. Since January 1992, he has worked as a licensed meteorologist for the American Meteorological Society.

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Age, Family, and Wiki

Walter Kelley, who was born on October 25th, grew up in Northwest. During his childhood, he resided in Medford, Eugene, Portland, Oregon, and Idaho.
Walter attended the University of Oregon in 1986 and finished with a bachelor’s degree in geography in 1990 while living in Oregon. He continued his schooling at Mississippi State University, where he pursued a degree in Broadcast Meteorologist-Geo Science. Walter received his diploma from there in 1993. In Portland, Oregon, he was the most inquisitive student in his class. When he was younger, he was always fascinated with weather. And by the time he got to college, his desire to be a meteorologist was stronger than anything else.

Walter had a happy upbringing since he grew up in a supportive family that encouraged him to pursue his goals. Colonel Kelley, his father, is a former Army Colonel.

According to his social media postings, Walter is not his father’s only child; he also has a sister and brother. Both of his siblings do volunteer work, and they frequently engage in events such as assisting World War II veterans.

His physical stature is typical, but he appears to be a few inches shorter than his father.

Walter enjoys skiing and golfing in his spare time, despite his hectic job as a chief meteorologist.

Is Walter married or unmarried? Wife Specifics!

Walter comes within the category of celebrities that want to keep their personal lives hidden from the public eye. The Q13 reporter is a mystery since he has kept his romantic relationship a secret for a long time.

Walter, though, appears to be married based on his social media posts. Virginia Kelly is the name of his wife. He mentioned his wife in a tweet he sent on July 24, 2016. Furthermore, in December 2016, Walter displayed his mother-in-cookies. law’s

His wife had given the Kelly Nature Reserve to the Park District as a memorial to her husband, Walter Kelly, in return for the affection.

Walter, on the other hand, has stayed silent about his probable wife for nearly four years. He might be doing his best right now to keep his love life out of the spotlight.

Whatever the case may be, Walter must come forward and reveal the truth about his affair.

Net Worth and Salary

Walter has had a successful career as a meteorologist. Walter, a professional meteorologist, was the chief meteorologist for Q13 Fox Television in Seattle, Washington. He went to Arizona for family reasons after 23 years of service. He was a founding member of Q13’s news channel and assisted in its inception in 1997. He is the only on-air staff member who has spent more time at Q13 than anyone else.

The gang used to congregate around the Metropolitan Grill in downtown Seattle back then, and he (Walter) was quick to make friends with longstanding manager Craig Summers. He still visits Seattle and is frequently spotted roaming around Pike Place Market.

He has worked as a chief meteorologist at Tribune Broadcasting and KCPQ since 1997, in addition to his employment at Fox.

Without a doubt, Walter’s reporting profession has eventually brought him tremendous recognition and relative money. Regardless of the fact that his actual net worth has yet to be revealed.

The average annual income for a Q13 Fox meteorologist is projected to be around $85.733. The average income is $84.189 at the 25th percentile and $87,244 at the 75th percentile, with top brunch workers earning over $88.654 a year.