View into the beautiful family and career of political commentator Joy Reid and her husband Jason.


Joy Reid, the anchor of MSNBC’s The ReidOut, maintains a healthy balance between her personal and professional lives.

Joy’s show is attracting record numbers of viewers and receiving high ratings.

On a personal level, she has a wonderful family life. With her husband of more than two decades, the television personality has three children.

Joy Reid’s Husband: Who Is He?

Joy is married to Jason Reid, a film editor who has worked for Discovery Channel for over 12 years as a senior editor. He is also the co-founder and co-owner of ImageLab Media Group with his wife. Jason and Joy collaborated on distinct projects for NBC.

Jason worked as a freelance editor for Peacock Productions, while Joy worked as the managing editor and an on-air contributor for

Joy and Jason have been married for more than two decades.

Joy and her husband Jason, a liberal political analyst, married on February 27, 1997.

They are the parents of three children and are said to live in New York City.

Joy took to Instagram on May 16, 2021, to wish her long-time partner a happy birthday.

She stressed in the caption that he has been with her in every moment of her life over the years, and she adores him for it.

One of their sons aspires to be an actor.

Jmar, the couple’s middle child, is an actress and model based in New York City. He has his own website, which he created in October of this year.

Nasir is the name of their youngest son. When he uploaded a picture with her on Mother’s Day on May 14, 2018, Joy referred to him as Miles in a remark. “Miles, I adore you!! I’m very proud of the guy you’re growing into “read the caption.