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Tyler the Creator’s Tweets on Cyberbullying and the Pop Culture Conversations They Started

Tyler the Creator’s Tweets on Cyberbullying and the Pop Culture Conversations They Started

Tyler The Creator has a tremendous online presence in addition to his hugely successful music career. And many people know the rapper for his confrontational nature, even if it isn’t because of his music.

People are still talking about one of Tyler The Creator’s most famous tweets on cyberbullying, which he sent in 2012. He claimed that cyberbullying was untrue and that all one had to do was move away from the computer and look away.

To continue the conversation, the rapper tweeted that cyberbullying was stupid since people didn’t know when to switch off their computer screens.

Thousands of talks on cyberbullying have erupted as a result of Tyler The Creator’s tweets, making it a highly polarizing topic.

Tyler the Creator’s tweets sparked a lot of conversation around cyberbullying.

Many people on the internet started talking about it when Tyler The Creator tweeted about it. While some agreed with his comments and believed that merely walking away from the situation would solve it, others argued that it wasn’t as simple as turning a blind eye to such a significant problem.

Many internet users assumed the rapper was being sarcastic or provocative with his post, while others chastised him, claiming that it was exactly his attitude that perpetuated the problem of cyberbullying.

It’s still unclear whether the ‘Yonkers’ rapper was joking about those who thought cyberbullying was a serious threat or simply wrote the tweet as a passing remark with no real thought. It hasn’t stopped people from using it, and it has been brought up in many debates and conversations about cyberbullying.

Kenna Sharp shared her personal experiences with cyberbullying in a 2016 piece in Affinity, and why she did not believe that simply walking away from the screen was a viable solution.

Sharp described how she had been hounded online for weeks by tens of thousands of individuals, with the situation worsening to the point where she was receiving death threats. Many young people helped her, but the relentless harassment had taken its toll on her mental health.

Memes about Tyler the Creator

Tyler The Creator’s tweets have produced a slew of memes in addition to sparking debate and debate.

Aside from utilizing the tweet or bits of it for laughs, his tweets have also been used for other purposes.