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Tyler Posey’s incredible body art collection now includes a new back tattoo.

Tyler Posey’s incredible body art collection now includes a new back tattoo.

The charming and attractive Tyler Posey is an actor and musician best known for his role as Scott McCall in the Adolescent Wolf supernatural teen drama.

Posey’s tattoos are likewise well-known. From his back to his legs, he has tattoos all over his body.

To be on camera, Posey had to cover them up with her sleeves or makeup. He now publicly flaunts his tattoos on Instagram and at red carpet events.

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New Tattoo on Tyler Posey

Posey has been steadily adding to his ever-growing tattoo collection. His friend recently gave him a large back tattoo.

The actor shared three images of his new addition to his Instagram account on June 16, 2021. The tattoo depicts Jesus facing sideways while wearing a crown of thorns.

A cross with a heart in the middle is also engraved beneath Jesus. Finally, the top of the cross is tattooed with a simple crown.

Posey’s monochromatic tattoo runs from his shoulder blades to his mid-back. The only tattoo on his back is this one.

The actor expressed his gratitude for his friend Adam’s tattoo in the captions of the photo.

Tyler Posey’s Tattoos Have Meanings

Posey has been wanting tattoos since he was ten years old. The actor claimed in an interview with Teen Vogue that he used to sketch a miniature version of himself and fill it with tattoos.

When Posey was 12 years old, he received his first tattoo. On his elbow, he inked himself with a needle.

The actor has been fulfilling a childhood desire by amassing over a dozen tattoos on various regions of his body over the years.

His first tattoo, inspired by Blink 182, was on his left bicep. By inking the first note of one of his favorite bands’ songs, he paid tribute to them.

He realized he wanted more after getting his first tattoo. However, as an actor, he was unable to tattoo his arms and hands as he desired.

Posey tattooed his legs as a result. His second tattoo, on the back of his calf, was the most painful tattoo he had ever received.

On his right calf, he inked a multi-colored rock sign. He claimed that the tattoo took a long time to ink and that no area of his flesh was visible because it was multicolored. This is why it was the most excruciating tattoo he had ever received.

An umbrella, dagger, lamps, signs, skull, hot-air balloon, and typical American tiki are among the other tattoos on his right leg.

When he has to labor in the sun, the umbrella represents shade. His trip to Hawaii inspired the hot-air balloon and the tiki. They represent Hawaiian culture to him.

Many of Posey’s designs include his right arm. His first tattoo was a gypsy lady inked on his left arm for good luck.

On his right arm, he has tattoos of a spaceship, rose, eagle, and various birds. On his chest, the actor has a handful of tattoos.

From his shoulder blades to his abdomen, he has three tattoos that run straight down his front. An eagle, angels with wings, and a naked woman sleeping on a crimson cushion are among the figures.

On each of his shoulders, he wears a heart and a burning bird.