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Tre Cool Net Worth – Earnings As Green Day’s Drummer And Other Ventures

Tre Cool Net Worth – Earnings As Green Day’s Drummer And Other Ventures

Tre Cool is not an unfamiliar face in the world of American rock music. However, he is best recognized as the drummer for the American rock band Green Day. Tre Cool is actively serving in the band since he replaced its former drummer, John Kiffmeyer, in 1990. Currently, he is one of the most successful drummers worldwide who is earning millions of dollars along with excessive fame.

According to Celebrity Net Worth and other different online sources, it has been estimated that Tre Cool’s net worth is $50 million. Reportedly, he draws in the maximum percentage of his total net value from his career as Green Day’s drummer.

So, let’s see how Tre Cool accumulates such a huge amount.

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Tre Cool Net Worth From His Career As A Drummer

Aforementioned, Tre Cool is serving as the drummer of the punk rock band Green Day since 1990 and adding a big sum of money to his bank balance. Besides, he has also worked for other bands, including The Lookouts, Samiam, Dead Mermaids, and the Green Day side projects The Network and the Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Playing with those bands also aided Tre Cool a lot to give a raise to his multi-million net worth.

Tre Cool’s main source of income is his career as the punk band Green Day’s drummer. Image Source: Instagram/ Tre Cool.

Furthermore, ever since Tre Cool joined Green Day, he and his band have released numerous hit music albums. The record sales of all those albums with his band have helped him to deposit a considerable amount to his bank account.

Some of the albums released by Tre Cool and his band, Green Day, along with their estimated record sales, are as follows.

Year Album Estimated Record Sales
1991 Kerplunk $3 million
1994 Dookie $30 million
2009 21st Century Breakdown $4.6 million
2017 Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band $100K

Apart from the albums mentioned above, Tre Cool and Green day have released many more albums earning a hefty sum of dollars.

Reportedly, Green Day is one of the biggest selling punk bands of all time. Tre Cool’s fellow bandmates Billie Joe Armstrong‘s net worth is reportedly $75 million, and Mike Dirnt‘s net worth is estimated to be roughly $50 million.

So, being a drummer of such a famous and top-selling band, Tre Cool’s net worth of $50 million is pretty justifiable. Moreover, his involvement in other different fields also assists him in adding several dollars to his net value.

Income From Singing And Songwriting

Besides earning as Green Day’s drummer, some portion of Tre Cool’s fortune comes from his occasional walk of life as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. For example, while he was with The Lookouts band, he sang the band’s 1989 album Spy Rock Road‘s two songs, That Girl from Outer Space and Sonny Boy.

Similarly, Tre Cool is also the singer, guitarist, composer, and songwriter of the song ‘Dominated Love Slave‘ from Kerplunk and the track All by Myself from Dookie.

Furthermore, Tre Cool also must have bagged in several dollars as his share for writing and singing the American Idiot album’s sub-track ‘Rock and Roll Girlfriend.‘ Besides, there are many more songs and recorded versions of various singer’s songs that the current Green Day drummer has sung along with earning millions as his share.

More than that, Tre Cool makes most of his money for his net worth from his regular musical tours with his bandmates and with other musicians.

Earnings From Other Media Appearance

Apart from drawing in multiple dollars from his career in the music industry, Tre Cool also adds some amount to his rising net worth from other media appearances as well. He is active in the American film industry since his appearance as Cane Skretteberg in the TV series King of the Hill in 1997.

Some of the other films in which Tre Cool has appeared and their box office collections are mentioned below.

Films Box-Office Collection
Live Freaky! Die Freaky! (2006) $11,290
The Simpsons Movie (2007) $536,414,293
Broadway Idiot (2013) $27,595

So, Tre Cool might have received a good sum of paycheque from all those movies for his performance, contributing to his multi-million net worth.

Income From Sales Of His Merch

Some portion of Tre Cool’s net worth comes from the sales of his merchandise available on various online stores. In addition, he receives a certain percentage of money after the deduction of the taxes and credit card fees by the sellers. Some of Tre Cool’s merch available on several online sources along with their price are as below.

Green Day’s Drummer’s Real Estates And Cars

Tre Cool’s net worth in millions has given him almost all the luxuries and riches that most people worldwide dream of. Currently, he resides in a lavish mansion with his wife, Sara Rose Lipert, and his son, Mickey Otis Wright, in California, U.S.

Moreover, some years back, one of the richest drummers worldwide, Tre Cool, sold his Newport Beach duplex for $1.831 million. Previously, he asked the buyer $1.875 million. However, later, Tre Cool finalized the deal for $1.831 million. According to reports, he had purchased his former 2,103 sq. ft investment property located near Lido House for $1.6 million.

Nevertheless, Tre Cool is bringing in millions to enjoy and give his family a sumptuous lifestyle, including foreign trips, rides on expensive cars and jeeps, and many more. We hope he has done insurance of all of his valuables and pays its premium in time. On top of that, we hope he is paying taxes on all of his taxable assets in time.

Hopefully, we will get to know more about Tre Cool’s other business ventures, assisting his net worth, in the days to come.

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