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Torrei Hart Net Worth – How Much Did She Receive In Divorce Settlement?

Torrei Hart Net Worth – How Much Did She Receive In Divorce Settlement?

Torrei Hart is more than Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, an American stand-up comedian. She is also a beauty entrepreneur and a well-known figure in the American entertainment industry. Torrei contributes to show business on a regular basis as an actor and producer, acquiring millions of followers for her various performing abilities, vibrant attitude, and fearless independence.

Natural splendor Torrei Hart’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, thanks to her successful career as an actress and TV personality. Though she still has a long way to go to match her ex-husband Kevin Hart’s earnings, she does make a decent living from acting and other pursuits. Here’s everything you need to know about Torrei Hart’s net worth and the various kinds of income she uses to fund her assets.

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Torrei Hart’s Salary And Net Worth

Torrei Hart, as previously stated, is a talented actress who has been in a variety of acting ventures, including reality TV series, advertisements, and major motion pictures. By the time she was a teenager, Hart, who began studying acting at an early age, was already well-known among her peers as a comedienne. Her star continued to rise in show business after she met Kevin, and the two began starring in films together.

Torrei Hart’s acting career has earned her a substantial sum of money. Torrei Hart’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Torrei Hart has appeared in a number of films, including Soul Plane, Parental Discretion, and The Captive. In addition, Hart was a cast member of the VH1 reality show Atlanta Exes. She also earned a lot of money by appearing in other series like Big & Beautiful.

Torrei Hart has a net worth of $3 million in 2014, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Hart’s earnings may have risen in recent years as a result of his growing celebrity and larger film appearances. She also runs a few of side enterprises to supplement her growing revenue flow.

The Film Industry’s Earnings

A reality TV show star in the United States is paid $35 per hour and $73,475 per year, according to Zip Recruiter. Torrei Hart’s presence on the reality show Atlanta Exes may have resulted in a similar payoff. Torrei also appeared in the 2015 drama American Bad Boys as well as the 2017 horror film But Deliver Us From Evil. She could have made a lot of money from those films as well.

Torrei Hart is also a writer and producer who creates, directs, and stars in her own videos, which she distributes with her 685K Instagram followers. Victim of Circumstance, a 20-minute short film she executive produced, co-wrote, and starred in in 2013, was a hit on the short film circuit. It even garnered her a slew of accolades.

Additionally, Hart performs with other celebrities such as Katt Williams, Alex Thomas, and Chris Spencer. The Wendy Williams Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala was hosted by her. Torrei also frequently visits the United States with her comedy shows, for which she receives a sizable fee from the organizers.

Income from YouTube

Torrei Hart, one of the lovely American actresses, has a YouTube comedy channel called “Pretty Funny Fish,” which she started in 2013. Her YouTube account currently has 10.3K subscribers and over 1 million views. She even has a production company with the same name that assists her in producing hilarious online videos.

Torrei Hart’s YouTube channel is predicted to make $0.63 to $10 per year, according to Social Blade. Despite the fact that it is a relatively little sum, Hart is unconcerned because she has a variety of different sources that will build up to several thousand dollars in her bank account.

Profits from the Hair Care Line

Torrei Hart is a clever businesswoman and entrepreneur in addition to being a popular television personality. In 2017, Hart made waves in the beauty business by collaborating with Nzuri to launch Heavenly Hart Haircare, a hair care product. She collaborated with Leola Anifowoshe, Nzuri’s co-founder, CEO, and hair loss specialist, to develop solutions for both hair growth and hair loss. Heaven Hart, Torrei’s daughter, is the inspiration for her hair care product, according to her.

Torrei Hart’s hair care brand is currently one of the most well-liked in the United States. As a result, we hope she is making a profit from her business, which she intends to hand over to her daughter, Heaven, later.

Hart also created Skinny Bish Keto, a women’s health and fitness business, in 2020. Women of all ages are encouraged to be their ‘Best Self’ now and forever by the company. Torrei has also created an e-recipe book called “Skinny Bish Keto” for $9.99.

Torrei Hart works on charitable efforts in addition to her acting and business endeavors. She frequently donates and arranges charity activities to assist those in need. Hart also runs a non-profit called S.O.A.R., which she co-founded with her sister in 2013. Her charity assists women in overcoming obstacles and provides scholarships to help them advance in their jobs.

Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart’s Divorce Settlement

Torrei Hart married Kevin Hart, an actor, in 2003. However, after a few years of marriage, things between them became rather tumultuous. As a result, the couple divorced in 2010, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. Kevin initially refused to pay Torrei spousal support after their divorce, claiming that she earns enough money as a comedian to support herself.

Kevin later paid Torrei a lump amount of $175K as part of their divorce settlement. Her ex-husband also gave her an Escalade and some personal items such as jewelry. Kevin also agreed to pay $19,785 per month in child support for Heaven and Hendrix Hart, their two children. Kevin Hart’s net worth was rumored to be $9 million at the time of their breakup, so it was a drop in the ocean for him.

Torrei Hart is currently residing in Atlanta and Los Angeles with her children, family, friends, and boyfriend, Claude Staten Jr. In addition, she is juggling a growing number of performing and business initiatives, which has contributed significantly to her rising net worth.

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