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Tony and Minnie Beets’ Four Kids and Grandson

Tony and Minnie Beets’ Four Kids and Grandson

Tony Beets gained fame in Gold Rush.

The Discovery Channel show explores family-run mining enterprises’ placer gold mining endeavors.

The Dutch native is a reality TV celebrity and seasoned miner with a wife, children, and grandson. Here’s Tony Beets’ family.

Tony and his wife are childhood friends.

The Gold Rush star is married to Minnie Beets.

Tony and his family moved next door to Minnie in Burgwerd, Friesland.

Minnie was 6 at the time.

Minnie, 20, and her childhood buddy started dating.

The reality star left for Canada after 18 months to find work. Since Minnie wanted to come, they married and moved to Canada in 1980.

Minnie is Tony’s success.

Tony’s 61-year-old wife Minnie was the only person that left with him.

The gold miner first worked on a dairy farm near Salmon Arm, while his wife worked in retail, home healthcare, and a Dawson burger joint.

After a few months, Tony quit farming to become a gold miner.

Minnie has helped him succeed. She handles his company’s paperwork, accounting, and children.

Tony Beets’ kids?

Bianca, Kelvin, Mike, Monica, and Jasmine are Tony’s children.

Jasmine died on March 1, 1993, three months after her birth.

The reality TV star got a jasmine tattoo with his daughter’s birth and death dates.

Tony Beets got a tattoo for his late daughter Jasmine.

Facebook/Tony Beets

Kelvin, Mike, and Monica, the couple’s sons, and daughter, also mine gold.

The three often appear in Gold Rush aiding their father.

Bianca, Tony and Minnie’s other daughter, is shy.

Tony Beets’grandchildren

Tony was seen with his grandson Eagan on Gold Rush in February 2021.

The pleased grandfather drove his grandson to the worksite and suggested he become a gold miner.

Fans wonder whether Tony’s children gave him a grandchild because Eagan’s parents are unknown. Beets family seems pleased.

Tony started young on the family farm.

After his father’s accident, the 15-year-old reality star began working for his family.

Tony milked cows and supervised guys twice his age to make ends meet. Three years later, he moved to Canada to pursue better professional possibilities.

Tony told Mining & Energy in January 2015, “I became boss young.”

Adding, “So I decided to equal or surpass my employees. If I wasn’t a foreman within a week, I’ve always been one step ahead.”

Tony moved to Dawson City, Yukon Territory, in 1984 and began mining.

Who is he?

Tony Beets’ net worth in 2021 is $15 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

His big financial worth comes from early hard labor. He holds Paradise Hill claims in Yukon, Canada.