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Tom Griswold and his ex-wife Betsy, as well as their children, miss out on family photos.

Tom Griswold and his ex-wife Betsy, as well as their children, miss out on family photos.

Tom Griswold, aka Thomas Bruce Griswold, is a popular co-host of the American radio show The Bob and Tom Show. He has a long history of relationships. While some sources claim that he is happily married to his wife Betsy Murphy Griswold, others claim that he is currently dating Kelly McCarthy.

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Things between Griswold and Murphy didn’t work out.

While Griswold and his humanitarian wife Murphy never publicly announced their divorce, it appears that the couple had a tough patch in their relationship and decided to part ways. There is also speculation that the couple divorced in the 1990s. However, neither side nor the children have made any official declarations.

When it comes to their children, they have four: a daughter and three sons, Willie, Charlie, Sam, and Lucy.

“Pictures speak louder than words,” as the saying goes, and the family photographs uploaded by Murphy on social media show that the two had already split up, as the radio host is never seen in them.

Betsy Murphy with her kids.

Her official website’s bio also mentions that she is no longer married. “Betsy is a writer, performer, mother, grandmother, and guide for women to reclaim the lost elements of our story,” it says. Murphy’s description clearly covers all of her professional and personal activities, but it omits a wife’s function, implying that she and her husband are no longer together.

Laura Steele was the woman he was dating.

Griswold, the co-host of one of the most popular American radio shows, never addressed the divorce rumors with his wife. Despite this, he immediately moved on to the next romance with Laura Steele, a fellow media figure. Despite the fact that the two never married, they did have a beautiful baby girl named Sally Janet Griswold in June 2007.

Later, the ex-lovebirds decided to go their own ways and ended their partnership. On her Instagram account, the Indianapolis 500 reporter frequently posts photos of herself and her kid.

Kelly Mccarthy is now dating Griswold.

Following his breakup with the media star, Griswold is now seeing Kelly McCarthy. Finley and Hart are their two daughters. In February 2016, the official page of The Bob and Tom Show announced the birth of baby Hart on Twitter.

Finley, the radio morning show host’s daughter, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When Finn was with her father in December 2017, she had a violent seizure and almost stopped breathing. She was taken to Riley Hospital for Children right away. On the left side of her brain, doctors discovered a golf ball-sized tumor.

They arrived at the hospital just in time and were able to save the young one’s life thanks to God’s grace. Finn had surgery to remove the tumor five days later.

Griswold believes her life was saved by a miracle and expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff on his radio show. He also showed his support for Riley Hospital for Children through a fundraising effort.