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Tom Cruise’s famous smile wasn’t easy to achieve: he had to overcome a number of dental flaws.

Tom Cruise’s famous smile wasn’t easy to achieve: he had to overcome a number of dental flaws.

Tom Cruise has iconic Hollywood looks, with a lovely face and a captivating grin, but he has overcome a serious dental defect to showcase his now-perfect smile.

The Teeth in the Middle

Cruise is clearly one of Hollywood’s most skilled performers, but his good looks and infectious smile are just one of the reasons he has millions of fans.

His picture-perfect smile, however, has a backstory. The actor spent years trying to find the perfect dental solution for his front teeth, dubbed the “middle tooth” by some.

Many fans have pointed out that his front right tooth is crooked. Indeed, a deeper examination of his previous films and portraits reveals that the images speak for themselves.

The Mission Impossible star had braces in 2001, shortly after his separation with Nicole Kidman, to correct an overbite and tooth misalignment.

When Cruise walked the red carpet for the premiere of Minority Report in 2002, he proudly displayed his invisible braces with ceramic brackets. Cruise’s spokeswoman at the time, Pat Kingsley, disclosed that he would be wearing an orthodontic appliance for a year.

Cruise had already removed the cap from one of his front teeth that had been damaged by a flying puck during the filming of The Outsiders (1983), in which he played Steve Randle, when he was 21 years old.

His self-assurance was never shaken by his dental flaws.

Despite the imperfection in his teeth, the 58-year-old never wavered in his faith. Cruise said why he was happy to accept his newfound sex symbol image during his early days as a Hollywood hero.

He said in a 1985 interview with Entertainment Tonight that the tag didn’t bother him and that he didn’t particularly like it.

The Process of Change

With his genetically blessed looks and not-so-perfect smile, the maverick actor began his career in 1982. According to accounts, he first tried tooth whitening and alignment operations for his discolouration and alignment issues.

People fell head over heals for him when he appeared at a public function in 2010 with his entirely altered look. He nailed the new look after more than twenty-five years in the business.

By 2012, the actor’s teeth had been completely altered.

With his freshly corrected dentition and a new haircut, Cruise looked dashing at the 2012 premiere of Rock of Ages. The actor was also seen at a charity event in December of that year.

The Mission: Impossible star, on the other hand, has never spoken about his oral change. Many dentists assume he had porcelain veneers in addition to braces. Some dentists speculated that Cruise’s missing tooth would be replaced with an implant-supported ceramic crown.

Cruise, who is 58 years old, is still a fan favorite, and he is known for his genuine acting talents, wonderful persona, and charismatic appearance.