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To deal with his hearing loss, Huey Lewis relies on his family.

To deal with his hearing loss, Huey Lewis relies on his family.

In 2018, American rock legend Huey Lewis received a Meniere’s disease diagnosis, a malady that affects the inner ear and results in hearing loss.

The illness was extremely difficult for him because he was a musician. He hasn’t given up hope, though, thanks to the support of his family and followers.

His family has been his most effective support system since receiving his diagnosis, and they are the reason he has handled his sickness so successfully.

After his diagnosis, his children took care of him.

He acknowledged that his two children had been there for him throughout the sickness in an interview with The Big Issue. He even claimed that his kid had become his best friend and had been carefully watching for him.

Furthermore, he admitted that even though he has a serious illness, he is still appreciative because some people have it worse than he does. Additionally, his followers have been tremendously encouraging, which is all a musician could wish for.

His Divorce from His Wife and His Rumored Girlfriend

In 1983, Lewis married Sidney Conroy. They separated just six years after being married, proving that it wasn’t a long-lasting union. He views them as “still pals” because their relationship ended amicably.

He also acknowledged the cause of their breakup: he spent a lot of time away from home during the height of his career. Conroy was forced to take care of everything at home, including their two kids, as a result.

Lewis may have been romantically involved with Connie Hamzy. When the journalist inquired about Hamzy’s experience with Lewis, she gave the interviewer the advice to “proceed with caution.” Nevertheless, he has never confirmed or refuted this information.

A Meniere’s Disease diagnosis

He performed with his band in Dallas in January 2018 there. He put on his in-ear monitor when all of a sudden he discovered he couldn’t hear anything. He was identified as having Meniere’s illness as a result of this episode.

This problem causes his hearing to fluctuate occasionally. On a scale of 1 to 10, his hearing often ranges from 3 to 6. He is unable to hear anything below 3. However, on good days, his hearing improves, sometimes for weeks, so he is still optimistic that things will get better.

Even though he received a diagnosis in 2018, the hearing issue actually arose for the first time in 1987, when he was at the height of his career. He had big songs like “Doing It All for My Baby” and “Hip to Be Square” at the time. He suddenly lost the ability to hear in his right ear one day, as if he had been swimming in a pool. Simply put, the physicians advised him to get accustomed to it. His left ear ultimately stopped hearing as well.

His most recent album might be his final one.

He admitted that his hearing had become so bad that his most recent album might be his final one in February 2020.

Although he is unable to sing along with the music, he is still optimistic about performing again.