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Tisha Campbell and her husband Duane Martin’s 24-year marriage came to an end.

Tisha Campbell and her husband Duane Martin’s 24-year marriage came to an end.

Tisha Campbell married Duane Martin on August 17, 1996, after dating for about five years. The actress, however, filed for divorce from her spouse after 27 years of marriage.

Xen Whaheed and Ezekiel Czar, the couple’s sons, are the couple’s only offspring.

Campbell and Martin separated on December 24, 2016, according to court documents acquired by People. Irreconcilable conflicts were given as the reason for their breakup.

Both Campbell and Martin initially sought spousal support, with the actress stating that her separated spouse made roughly $62,000 each month while she barely made $7,000.

When Martin filed his own petitions seeking spousal support, Campbell contended that Martin should be the one paying her because he supposedly had 500 shirts worth $1,500 apiece.

The divorce between Campbell and Martin was finalized in December 2020. Campbell told People that despite the fact that she had recently divorced after a two-decade marriage, she was the happiest she had ever been.

Campbell and her spouse have joint custody of their children and neither pays spousal support to the other. In addition, the former couple agreed to split the expenditures of their youngest son Ezekiel’s education and health care.

On Mother’s Day, Campbell has custody of Ezekiel, whereas Martin has him on Father’s Day. Aside from those two dates, the two will rotate custody for other holidays between odd and even years.

Tisha Campbell and her husband have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Campbell and her husband filed for bankruptcy in 2016. After the court compelled her and her husband to turn over financial information in their bankruptcy case, the couple later acknowledged that their divorce had a role in the financial miscommunication.

Martin revealed that before the split, he used to handle their finances on his own.

Martin made the declaration after the trustee in their Chapter 7 bankruptcy accused him and Campbell of fraudulently diverting all of Campbell’s residuals, totaling $50,000, after the bankruptcy filing.

The Children of Tisha Campbell

Campbell and her ex-husband are equally active in the upbringing of their children following their divorce. Campbell frequently posts about her sons on Instagram. In August, the singer wished her oldest son a happy birthday and expressed her admiration for him in a Facebook post.

She also shared a photo and video of her dropping off her other son at middle school, expressing her feelings overseeing her baby growing up.