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Times Lisa Rinna’s Hair Has Been Experimented With

Times Lisa Rinna’s Hair Has Been Experimented With

Lisa Rinna of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had a variety of hairstyles over the years.

Prior to that, the actress had been chastised for wearing the same haircut for 20 years. Rinna’s hair has changed dramatically over the years.

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Favorite Hairstyles

Rinna has maintained her characteristic hairdo of a razor textured scruffy bob haircut for the majority of her on-screen appearances.

Despite a few tiny tweaks here and there, her look stayed virtually same for the next two decades.

Rinna did not agree to modify her appearance until 2016. In May 2016, she debuted her new hairstyle on an episode of Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Next.

When asked if she made the change due of the backlash she received for not changing her hairdo, she said yes.

Rinna also stated that she has had the same hairstyle for the past 20 years because she enjoys it.

She also revealed that she had done her own hair, purchasing everything she needed for the alteration the day before from a drugstore.

Rinna’s hair causes a dispute.

Rinna had gotten into a confrontation with Brandi Glanville during the season 5 reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a year before she unveiled her new appearance.

Over the course of the season, they had playful exchanges of comments that eventually escalated into an altercation during the reunion, where they made fun at each other’s appearance.

Glanville was offended by Rinna’s remark that Glanville looked like a “trashy mum.” Rinna then emphasized that she was joking when she said that.

She further clarified that she didn’t want to disparage Glanville’s parenting and that the remark was made in jest based on her appearance.

Glanville responded by saying that because of her haircut, Rinna shouldn’t talk about things solely on appearances.

Experimenting With New Wigs And Hairstyles

Rinna got the appetite for attempting new hairdos after altering hers once, and she’s since gone for a variety of looks.

In September 2018, she returned to her characteristic bob hairdo before switching to a slicked-back ponytail.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress is known for trying out numerous hairstyles and wigs, and even giving them names. She posts pictures of the wigs’ effects on Instagram.

In March 2020, the reality star debuted four different hairstyles in one day, including a red curly haircut that she dubbed Sasha and a blonde wig with a lot of volume that she matched with a phrase ascribed to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France.