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Through ups and downs, Brittanya Razavi’s husband and children remained by her side.

Through ups and downs, Brittanya Razavi’s husband and children remained by her side.

Brittanya O’Campo, also known as Brittanya Razavi, has had numerous highs and lows in her life. Through the Real Chance Of Love, she achieved enormous success as a reality star and gained notoriety for being imprisoned for attacking a lady.

The reality star has handled everything life has to offer with grace, despite the jail sentence that damaged her reputation. Many thanks to her devoted husband, who has served as her biggest supporter.

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Brittanya Imprisoned in Battery and Assault Case

In 2010, the fearless American model Brittanya received a 6-month prison term.

She had admitted to using what the police called a “pimp chalice” to attack a woman. The 35-year-old was consequently charged with criminal violence and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Although the aforementioned event occurred in 2008, Brittanya was booked into Ventura County Jail two years later.

When she was sentenced to prison, she was three months pregnant.

When Brittanya was given a prison sentence in 2010, she was three months pregnant with her son Cash.

The reality star didn’t make this information public until almost ten years later. On July 27, 2019, Brittanya posted a reminder on Instagram to people who questioned her during those trying times.

She stated in the caption that those who lack support should look to their comeback as an example. The TV actress made it clear that she was three months along in her pregnancy when she received her sentence.

Her caption stated, “In this shot, I’m 3 months pregnant with some Chola brows hating life lol.”

“Here I am releasing the most unflattering photo of myself with you guys to unveil the whole of me and show you all that is always hope,” she continued.

Marcello Razavi, better known as Moe Drama or Lucky Razavi, is the husband of Brittanya and the two have been married for more than ten years. He remained faithful to her even when she was at her lowest point.

It’s not surprising that her spouse has supported her through all of her highs and lows. He was present when she rose to stardom and remained when she was imprisoned.

In short, Marcello, who had a background in fashion design, stood by her side as a faithful friend through every stage of life. In fact, he cared so much about her that while she was serving her prison term, he even got her name tattooed across his face.

On January 23, 2020, the reality star herself discussed her husband’s loyalty in a special anniversary Instagram post in which she also mentioned her husband.

She praised her husband’s dedication in a long post, writing, “He loved me at my worst therefore he has my allegiance at my finest.”

Added her:

Also in her letter, Brittanya said: “… (he got that tattoo when I was poor before we had children and at my lowest point) time after time proven your loyalty to me and I told your azz you’d have my heart forever for it.”

Knowing this, we can affirm that Brittanya’s husband has been there for her at all of her bad points, encouraging her and deepening their relationship.

The Three Children of Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya is the mother of three sons as of 2021. Her oldest son Romeo was the result of her former relationship, while her two most recent sons, Cash and Legend, were born to her and her spouse Moe Drama.

She is fairly transparent about sharing information about her children on social media; on occasion, she makes it clear how much she values them.

She claimed in a post from March 2020 that her oldest son Cash was her sole company in prison before he was born and that she never felt lonely around him.

She showed her affection for her younger son as well, even though it was clear that her autistic son Cash was the one she was closest to.

Legend, according to Brittanya, is her twin and her boy counterpart of herself. She continued by saying that despite the world’s attempts to stop him, Legend was a born hustler who could accomplish his goals.

Similar to this, she stated in a tweet on January 8, 2020, that her eldest kid [from a previous relationship] was 18 years old.

Yes, she wrote, “I have three sons; one of them is 18 and his pals are all over and jacking off to my content lol.”

The unwavering love and support of her husband and children appear to be what enabled Razavi to change her life. She now owns and operates 187 Inc., a young and flourishing custom streetwear business. Together with her spouse, she leads the company.