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There is No Secret to Tanya Burr’s Weight Loss Journey

There is No Secret to Tanya Burr’s Weight Loss Journey

Tanya Burr, a social media sensation, has undergone an amazing physique makeover.

It is easy to observe how she has transformed from the recordings on her official YouTube account that dates back as long as ten years. The change from where she was to where she currently seems to be, though, is gradual. As visitors scroll over her Instagram profile, they can observe the differences between her subsequent photos. The Key to Burr’s Weight Loss Is an Anti-Diet

Every time Burr uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini, she was barraged with inquiries about her weight loss process. She didn’t often answer queries about it, but once she did share how she toned up without dieting.

After she shared a picture of herself looking sun-kissed on vacation, a follower contacted her to ask if she might share her diet and exercise regimen. Burr looked incredible, and she said she would like to follow the same regimen.

She doesn’t have one, Burr said in response, which is an unusual statement on the subject. She mentioned that she worked out quite hard at Barry’s Bootcamp once or twice a week.

She did, however, add that she isn’t really dedicated to it and that she can go three weeks without performing one. The internet celebrity also said that she consumed any food or booze that she felt like on any given day.

In a YouTube video that Burr uploaded in August 2018, she also discussed losing weight. In the video titled Girls Night, Meetings, and Answering Questions, she made it clear that she wasn’t following a strict diet.

The most crucial thing, she said, was to let people know she hadn’t been on a diet. Being obsessed with a West End production, the actress claimed, caused her to lose weight.

Burr admitted that not trying, not caring, and having a lot of other things to worry about and focus on were what actually caused her to lose weight.

Burr and her husband divorced in 2019

Burr surprised her followers in March 2019 with the announcement that she and her husband Jim Chapman were divorcing when they were congratulating her for the remarkable makeover.

They each posted a statement on Instagram Stories announcing their split. She said in hers that she wanted to inform the followers that the couple had made the difficult decision to part ways.

She went on to say that they share a great deal of love and respect for one another and are and always will be friends. Additionally, she thanked them in advance for respecting their privacy during the trying period.

The former lovers dated for 12 years before getting engaged in New York in 2012 and exchanging vows at Babington House in Somerset in September 2015.