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The wife of Greg McElroy continues to favor avoiding the spotlight.

The wife of Greg McElroy continues to favor avoiding the spotlight.

Greg McElroy, a former NFL quarterback, is well-known for his work as an ESPN analyst and for playing football. He receives a lot of attention because of his job. But it comes out that Meredith Gray, his wife, does her best to keep out of the limelight. She has been doing it ever since they started dating, so it is not a brand-new behavior.

Let’s read the story below to learn more about Greg’s wife and her family.

Even when they were dating, Greg McElroy’s wife shunned the spotlight.

The wife of Greg McElroy has been avoiding the spotlight ever since they started dating, so it is not a new behavior for her.

When the two of them were out in public, they frequently attracted stares and phone camera photos as Greg’s fame for his gameplay grew.

Meredith also attracted a lot of attention. On January 7, 2010, she even appeared in an interview with The Dallas Morning News as Greg’s girlfriend. She expressed her satisfaction that she had never before been interviewed as Greg’s girlfriend during the interview.

Additionally, she laughed at how others found Greg’s relationship with her amazing and emphasized that Greg was a real person who could form relationships.

Greg McElroy’s wife and he have been friends since college.

Greg and Meredith Gray, who is now his wife, have been friends since their undergraduate years. At the University of Alabama, they initially crossed paths in March 2008 and began dating soon after.

They got engaged in 2014, and Stephen M. Smith, senior reporter for Alabama football, congratulated the couple on their engagement in July. Greg and Meredith exchanged wedding vows with one another on February 21, 2015, during a ceremony at Arlington Hall in Dallas, Texas, after becoming engaged for several months.

In January 2019, they gave birth to a baby they called Gregory Vincent McElroy III.

The Wife of Greg McElroy Has a Pharmacy Degree

Although Greg McElroy has a low-key presence, information about his wife and her family is extremely clear.

Her mother is Phyllis Gray, and her father is Scott Gray, according to a series of tweets from her family members.

Meredith has two siblings, sisters named Maggie Gray and Lydia Gray, in addition to her parents.

Regarding her education, the Decatur, Alabama native majored in chemistry during her junior year at Alabama. Beginning in July 2011, she then pursued pharmacy studies at Creighton University School of Pharmacy.

Although her family and educational background are known, her current location, line of work, and private life are unknown. She excels at keeping Greg’s admirers guessing about her and their relationship by avoiding the spotlight, without a doubt.