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The Wicker Twinz’s Empty House Tour and How They Bought Their House at 16 Years Old

The Wicker Twinz’s Empty House Tour and How They Bought Their House at 16 Years Old

How did the Wicker Twinz come up with their name? The Wicker Twinz, Yoni & Solai Wicker, renowned Atlanta artists and identical twins couple, may be young, but their accomplishments are far from insignificant.

When they were three years old, the duo landed their first modeling job. It was for the publication of their father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s They kept modeling and performing poems in churches after that, but it wasn’t until they started making dance videos on Dubsmash that they gained attention.

They got their break, however, when they submitted their dance videos and images to Instagram at the age of 12. On Instagram, the twins have 1.9 million followers, and their YouTube channel has 687,000 subscribers.

As their following grew, the girls began to earn money, and now, at the age of 16, they had purchased their first home.

The Wicker Twins Purchase Their First Property

The twins posted an empty house tour video to YouTube on October 20.

The girls began the film by describing how important the occasion was to them. They claimed that, while their family did not have financial difficulties, they did not have an ideal living condition, and that they shared a two-bedroom apartment with their grandmother.

They lived with their mother because their father was far away because their parents were divorced. Due to a lack of space in the house, their grandmother slept on the couch. Their mother used to sleep on the floor alongside them while the girls shared a queen-sized bed.

They didn’t have their separate rooms until their brother moved in with their father.

The ladies further revealed that no one was invited to their home and that just one of their close friends was aware of their living arrangement. Even after the girls got their own rooms, they were hesitant to invite guests over for fear of being judged.

The twins also expressed gratitude to their mother and grandma for providing for them and making sure they had a place to call home.

They explained that they had no idea they were getting a house until their mother surprised them by taking them to the new location. Despite the fact that it was their first home, they continued to live with their mother.

Tour of the Wicker Twinz’s House

The girls finally started the empty house tour about halfway through the video, but not before thanking their fans for making it possible.

The girls showed viewers through the living room and dining room, despite the fact that they had not yet chosen how they would use the spaces. They then proceeded to the kitchen, which, unlike the other rooms, had already been furnished.

The girls indicated that they preferred the kitchen since they like cooking and that they would likely spend the most time there.

Then they took the audience upstairs to show them everyone’s bedrooms and filming space.

They ended the tour with that and thanked their subscribers once more.

Their House When They Were 16 and a Tour of Their Empty House