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The Twitterati have long adored Walton Goggins’ “majestic” teeth. His teeth, in fact, have their own cult following.

The Twitterati have long adored Walton Goggins’ “majestic” teeth. His teeth, in fact, have their own cult following.

Jack Antonoff, a talented American singer-songwriter and record producer, and actress Lena Dunham called time on their long-term relationship in 2017. Following their breakup, the two have been able to retain a strong friendship. While Dunham is now unmarried, Antonoff is dating Carlotta Kohl, a model, and artist.

Putting An End To A Five-Year Relationship

After a five-year romance that began in 2012, Antonoff and Dunham decided to part ways in December 2017. The breakup, according to accounts, was a mutual decision. According to a source close to the couple,

Dunham kept their two dogs when the couple split up, while the singer kept their Brooklyn house. Aside from sharing personal belongings and pets, Dunham stated in a 2020 interview with the Cosmopolitan UK that sustaining a stable relationship required a lot of focused effort. Lena Dunham, Jack Antonoff’s ex-girlfriend (Image courtesy of USA Today)

The frontman of Bleachers and his ex-girlfriend were last spotted in public in 2017 at a Grammys pre-party. Only a month before the news of their split broke in November 2017, Dunham confessed on her Twitter account that she’d misheard Antonoff talking about a proposal to his sister.

Dunham also stated that she heard “Lena” and “finger,” leading her to believe that the Antonoff siblings were discussing the engagement ring and proposing.

“Best Friends Forever” is a phrase used to describe a group of people who

Even after their breakup, the two musicians never hesitate to express their affection for one another on social media as friends. Dunham, 34, shared a sweet selfie with her ex-boyfriend on her Instagram account in June 2018. She was seen in the photo laying her head on Antonoff’s shoulder and referring to him as her ‘best buddy forever.’

This was not the first time the ex-couple was seen on social media swapping posts and messages. In June 2018, the two had a playful exchange in the comments area of Dunham’s post. He wrote, “Why are you awake?” “Because it’s great time to catch you on the gram, four eyes,” she said.

Dunham also revealed in her interview with the Cosmopolitan UK that the lead singer of the Bleachers taught her how to keep a positive friendship after their breakup.

She also stated that love doesn’t just fade away and that she still cares about him and considers him a close friend.

“When you don’t have someone, the love you have for them doesn’t go away,” the actress concluded.

The actress from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stated she is unmarried and spends her time with her dogs in the same interview.

Antonoff Has a New Girlfriend

Antonoff was said to be dating Lorde, a young sensation and long-time partner, after his separation with Dunham. The allegations died down immediately after Lorde clarified that the two are not dating in an Instagram Live Session in 2018.

The We Are Young singer was later seen with Carlotta Kohl. While the actual date of their union is unknown, reports claim it occurred in the year 2019.

Kohl tweeted a photo of them falling asleep on each other inside a car in April of this year. Kohl captioned the photo, wishing Antonoff a happy birthday and describing him as her favorite person/pillow.

In May 2020, the music producer also published a photo of himself in a car with his mother and girlfriend.

The two love to post images of themselves on social media, giving their followers tremendous romance goals.